The Covid Hoax – the best explanation yet

The Covid Hoax – the best explanation yet
Tap News / Weaver


Intro by Steve Cook

This video is a must-watch. It gives the clearest and most concise explanation I have seen of:

(a) HOW the Covid pandemic hoax was spun from a re-branded and re-marketed flu virus

(b) WHY the pandemic hoax was engineered and what and WHO lies behind it. This needs to be more broadly brought to public attention and this video is a fine way to do just that.

As a veteran monetary reformer and author of a book on the subject of the great banking scam I can vouch for this gentleman’s explanation of the background and motives for this hoax.

This video NAILS IT on many levels.

It is a very important package of info that all citizens have a right see.

Please do whatever you can to spread and share it.

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