The Simple Direct Path To Instant Global Freedom: Research, Review, Apply Logic, and Critical Thinking then Decide Upon Action and Implement Immediately

February 20 2021

Dylan Eleven |

Let’s keep this simple. There is massive amounts of documented evidence, whistle blower testimonies, doctor and nurse warnings, direct reporting from front line workers, lawyers and honest police, armed forces who are true to their oaths world wide. Providing evidence of election theft, satanic child sacrifice and pedophilia, a global hoax of covid-19, the evil and harmful mask mandates and genocidal vaccine agenda.

On we have thousands of articles and resources for all: There are also many other sites and sources of information available.

The simple way out of this global genocidal plot that is being thrust upon us. Is for everyone to have a quick, rational conversation with themselves. And apply the following formula:

1. Research

The reason the majority of the masses are asleep and obedient is they will not do one fucking bit of research. Sheer laziness could be the downfall of mankind. Thank you to you and all our readers of and other truth warriors for caring enough to read, watch and research. You are the true hope for humanity. We need to work on the others who are too lazy to research.

Once people en mass do research they will find the truth. Rather than the propaganda of the mass media that keeps them blind.

So if they simply would do a bit of research they will find the truth easily. That is step one.

2. Review,

Step 2. When research has been done and the truth found out by actually reviewing the information out there for once ( again this is to the sheep not our loyal readers who are obviously aware) the masses will see the plain simple truth that is readily available.

3. Apply Logic,

Then simply apply logic.

For example. The election was rigged therefore logically Biden is not the legitimate president of the United States.

Covid is a rebranding of the flu. All deaths were switched to covid. The lockdowns are designed to destroy not save us. Masks don’t work at all to help you. And The Covid vaccine can kill you or disable you. So logically we cannot participate in this dangerous global farce at all any more for one fucking second.

Once the truth is known. The simple reality is not difficult to see. Logic prevails and the lies are called out.

4. Apply Critical Thinking

If this is all a lie, wearing a mask, shutting down our businesses, allowing a genocidal vaccine rollout, listening to a fake president, and the fake media. And allowing our rights and freedoms to be taken away is all pure madness and the pinnacle of stupidity.

If critical thinking is applied to the whole madness, to the research that is done. None of their lies stand up. Therefore immediate personal action is required.

5. Decide Upon Action

This part is simple.

First; take of that fucking mask and never put it on again. And empower others to do the same.

Do not close your business. Open and take the fines. Fight them in court and you will find they cannot prosecute because they do not have the right to take our freedoms away.

Do not get the vaccine and anyone who tells you to do so, inform them that is attempted murder for them to suggest or mandate that and they should be tried under the Nuremberg Code.

Boycott the news and any platform that sensors. Facebook and Twitter are dead.

Live your life free of fear, do not tolerate one more second of covid lies and collaborate with others to rebuild.

6. Implement Immediately

Simply do it now. No more of this shit. Globally we can all walk away from this madness simply by declining a deadly vaccine and breathing full amounts of oxygen again. No mask. No lockdown. No fear. We are the 99%. We must all resist and take back our freedom with every action moving forward.

Zero compliance by the global population, it can be accomplished one person at a time. But in order for us to all be free we must all take back our freedom individually right now.

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