Covid Jabbing Apartheid in Israel

Covid Jabbing Apartheid in Israel
Stephen Lendman / Stephen Lendman

Covid Jabbing Apartheid in Israel

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

No one of sound mind and judgment should go near hazardous, experimental, unapproved mRNA technology for covid that’s not a vaccine — or just as high-risk real ones.

They don’t protect and risk serious harm to health or death if taken as directed.

What’s vital for everyone to know is suppressed by governments and their media press agents.

Israelis may not have a choice. Get jabbed despite the high risk and no protection or be denied free movement in public.

Occupied Palestinians and Israeli Arab citizens know all about apartheid.

Israeli Jews are about to experience it themselves in new form.

Perhaps what’s coming to Israel will spread to the West and elsewhere.

The diabolical Israeli plan works as follows:

Israelis jabbed twice for covid (a double dose of hazardous toxins) will be issued a certificate.

It’ll be valid one week after a second dose for six months.

Because covid is renamed seasonal flu that mutates in new forms, more doses of new toxins will surely be required ahead for renewal of certificates.

The more doses, the greater the potential harm to health and well-being.

A green passport will be given to Israelis jabbed twice and anyone who was ill from flu-now covid who recovered.

A certificate is proof of having received two jabs so are exempt from isolation.

A green passport permits unimpeded free movement in public.

The difference between the two may be similar to airline boarding passes in coach and first class, green passports the latter.

Israel’s health minister Yuri Edelstein falsely called getting jabbed “a moral duty (sic),” part of the Netanyahu regime’s “mutual responsibility (sic),” adding:

“Whoever does not get (jabbed) will be left behind.”

Head of community health Dr. Peled Raz Maya defended the indefensible, saying:

Israel’s covid jabbing apartheid policy “may involve some damage to individual rights, but not all damage is prohibited if it is well-balanced and legitimate in order to achieve a worthy goal (sic).”

“It’s your choice. If you are vaccinated (sic), you can enter. As long as you aren’t, we can’t let you endanger others (sic).”

There’s nothing “well-balanced and legitimate” about Big Lies and mass deception.

Covid is flu that shows up annually with none of what’s going on now accompanying it anywhere.

Why now and not earlier?

It’s part of a diabolical social control plot in the West and mass transfer of wealth from ordinary people to privileged ones, Israel pursuing the same scheme.

It’s also about enriching Pharma at the expense of human health combined with perhaps depopulation scheme to eliminate the elderly and otherwise weak from societies in the West and elsewhere.

Over 99% of individuals contracting flu recover normally. Most often no meds are needed.

If otherwise, safe, effective, cheap ones are available as explained in previous articles.

No mRNA technology or vaccines were ever needed before, none now.

Pushing them is for the diabolical reasons explained above.

What’s going on is also part of the Great Reset scheme to transform world community countries into ruler-serf societies.

If mandatory jabbing for covid is instituted in the West or elsewhere ahead, tyranny will approach full-blown.

My best guess is that this is where things are heading — based on Big Lies and mass deception about a nonexistent flu threat called covid.

Mass resistance is the only way to challenge the scheme if mandated ahead.

The alternative risks serious harm to health or a death sentence for the most vulnerable and some others.

A Final Comment

Netanyahu falsely claimed that Israel will be the first country to be covid-free.

Flu always shows up annually in similar and/or new strains.

It’s why no successful coronavirus vaccines were ever developed despite many years of research trying.

None are available now. Claims otherwise are fabricated, including by Netanyahu and Western officials.

If dark forces get their way in cahoots with Big Pharma and Big Media, forever mass jabbing may be recommended or mandated ahead.

The latter may be required for free access to public spaces, including employment, education, travel, and maybe everything else.

The unacceptable brave new world dark forces have in mind will be unsafe and unfit to live in for ordinary people where these policies are instituted.

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