Promoting Toxins That Harm and Don’t Protect

Promoting Toxins That Harm and Don’t Protect
Stephen Lendman / Stephen Lendman

Promoting Toxins That Harm and Don’t Protect

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

The NYT is part of a diabolical state-sponsored/Pharma mass deception campaign to convince ordinary Americans to self-inflict harm unwittingly by permitting hazardous toxins to be jabbed into their bodies.

They don’t protect as falsely claimed and risk irreversible short-or-longer-term harm when taken as directed.

The latest Times disinformation piece falsely claimed that covid jabs “prevent death and serious health complications (sic).”

They risk the above, providing no protection.

They’re experimental unapproved technology no one wanting their health preserved and protected should permit being jabbed into their bodies.

These US healthcare system is not “overburdened” as the Times falsely claimed.

Numbers of seasonal flu cases now called covid are no more than in most previous years — over the past 12-month period.

More Times mass deception followed, saying:

The “safety and effectiveness in clinical trials (of mRNA technology falsely called vaccines) have surpassed expectations (sic).”

So-called “clinical trials” were way inadequate and included young healthy participants alone.

They were structured to present fantasy results, not legitimate ones.

Jabs with Pfizer or Moderna technology don’t protect and won’t halt flu outbreaks or transmission.

At most, they may reduce symptoms short-term at the cost of risking enormous harm to health.

The Times: According to available data, “jabs will at least partly reduce transmission…”

No such credible data exists.

The Times: “(P)recautionary measures like masking and distancing in the presence of unvaccinated people will remain important (sic).”

Along with lockdowns and quarantines, the above caused enormous harm to countless millions of people and the economy.

These measures weren’t intended to be beneficial.

They’ve been all about imposing social control and wrecking the Main Street economy so monied interests can and have benefitted enormously at the expense of ordinary people.

Scientists never found a SARS-CoV-2 virus the Times said causes covid.

The broadsheet admitted that mass-jabbing doesn’t protect against the above virus.

How can it if it doesn’t exist?

How can anyone be infected with a virus that so far exists in name only?

The Times keeps pretending that Pfizer and Moderna DNA altering technology are vaccines.

They are not and are unapproved fo good reason. Their hazards pose unacceptable risks.

Unknown numbers of individuals jabbed with this technology contracted flu.

Many others became seriously ill. Too many died — mostly elderly individuals but younger healthy ones as well.

The Times: “The polio vaccine…resulted in the rapid elimination of polio in the United States (sic).”

Polar opposite was true. The vaccine increased the number of cases.

In 2017, the WHO quietly admitted the above.

Years after developing his vaccine, Jonas Salk admitted that mass inoculations caused most polio cases.

The same reality applies to other vaccines. They risk contraction of diseases they’re supposed to protect against.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explained that over half of US children “have chronic health issues, (including) allergies, ADHD, autism, eczema, asthma, obesity, autoimmune conditions and more.

Their deteriorated health is because they’ve been mass-vaxxed dozens of times with 16 different vaccines prior to age-18 — their young bodies pumped full of dangerous toxins.

Peer-reviewed studies show vaccines to be the leading cause of deteriorated health among young people and older ones who underwent this diabolical regime — to enrich Pharma at the expense of human health.

If mass-jabbing for covid continues unchecked, the devastating human toll is highly likely to way exceed the worst of what happened before.

Yet the Times and other Big Media relentlessly promote what’s crucial to reject to protect and preserve health.

Claiming covid jabs “are as much a victory for public health now as the Salk vaccine was” earlier combines two Big Lies in one sentence.

The fullness of time will surely explain the devastating toll on pubic health by covid mass-jabbing in similar fashion to how disturbing hard truths about polio vaxxing were revealed.

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