Anyone who is promoting the deadly Covid vaccine is an enemy of the people, and should be tried for crimes against humanity under the Nuremberg Code! ANYONE Including TRUMP | Statement from Trump and our response to him

Dylan Eleven |

I have not been a fan of any president since Kennedy. Trump has shown many positive actions and I must admit I was hoping he is actually fighting the deep state.

Wether he will, or can, come back or not, is one thing, but in the mean time, if he is promoting a deadly vaccine that will cause some people who believe in him to take it and be medically injured or murdered. Then he is not on the side of the people. He could simply say don’t take it or at least look into it but to blindly recommend it is criminal. And at this stage with known deaths and injuries he could say, wait! There is problems, don’t take it. He was wrong. But no he still pushes a genocidal medical intervention that has the ability to wipe out billions of people.

The big elephant in the room about Trump is the vaccine.

Open letter to President Trump:

Dear President Trump,

We know you have been educated by Robert Kennedy Jr. about the dangers of Vaccines in general. Additionally there is enough evidence regarding the adverse reactions to the covid vaccines currently to apply the precautionary principle and halt these experimental vaccines.

Yet you call them a miracle and tell people to take them.

This stance shows clearly you are not on the side of the people. If this is not the case you should call out the deadly vaccines and stop promoting them.

If you actually believe in them due to lack of knowledge or understanding then at the very least you should say you don’t know enough about them to recommend either way.

But you are not. You make a statement like the following one;

So yes, as you request, we remember that you are the one who without we could not be taking this deadly, dangerous and criminal vaccine that you have named a “beautiful shot”.

President Trump, there is nothing beautiful about a deadly toxic concoction.

You need to change your stance on this vaccine and warn people. If you do not you are clearly making a statement that people should take a deadly vaccine and be killed and thank you for it.


Dylan Eleven |

The truth is the election was stolen, this can be proven, Trump has or had the ability to pass over the control of the US to the military until the election can be overturned. Yet Biden still looks like he is president. We are waiting for this to be overturned, patiently. However while waiting a simple beneficial thing Trump can do is protect the people by correctly discussing the vaccine. Even say nothing at all. But promoting it is a crime against humanity and no level of ignorance or clandestine plans against the deep state justifies anyone being killed or injured from these dangerous so called vaccines.

Do not take the deadly vaccine. On this subject do not trust Trumps endorsement. He is either delusional, compromised, simply wrong or genocidal. I hope it’s just ignorance but that is hard to believe.

Anyone who tells someone to take a medical intervention that is killing thousands of people is guilty of crimes against humanity. ANYONE!

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