Is it all a lie? – Stay at Home > Protect the NHS > 100K Deaths – An analysis of ONS and NHS data

Is it all a lie? – Stay at Home > Protect the NHS > 100K Deaths – An analysis of ONS and NHS data
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In March 2020 the order was given “to stay at home” as the government and their circle of scientific advisors needed “three weeks” to flatten the curve. Eleven months later and the United Kingdom is still under a “stay at home” order and has been told over one-hundred-thousand people have now died from Covid-19. Stay at home > Protect the NHS > Save lives has been the mantra of the UK Government and millions of their docile followers in the past year.

But what would you do if you found out you had given up a year of your life due to a big fat lie? What would you do if you found out you’ve been staying at home to protect an NHS that has been at an all time low capacity compared to the last five years? What would you do if you found out there haven’t actually been 100,000 deaths due to Covid-19 but instead a campaign of fear that has manipulated data to trick you into thinking there have been thousands of Covid deaths per day?

Well ‘The Daily Expose’ investigated, and we suggest you fasten your seat-belts because this is what we found…

The above graph is a heat map showing deaths within 28 days of a positive test for SARS-CoV-2 by date of death and age of the person. This data can be seen at the UK Gov’s. coronavirus dashboard here. Whats pretty clear from this data is that the most alleged Covid deaths have occurred in people aged 90+. The next age group with the most deaths being 85 – 89, then 80 – 84 and so on and so on. There’s a general decrease in the number of deaths up to about the 65-69 age group but then we see a dramatic fall to pretty much zero in anyone aged under about the age of 60.

Now lockdown fanatics will argue that 60 years old is too young to die. And they’re right it is. But this heat map shows that there have generally been no more than 9 deaths in a single day of anyone aged between 60 – 64. In the 65-69 year old group there have been no more than 20 deaths a day. In the 70-74 year old group no more than 27 deaths in a day. In the 75-79 group no more than than 48 deaths in a day, at it’s highest. It isn’t until we get to the 85-89 year old group that we start to see a large increase in the number of alleged Covid deaths. 179 deaths in a day at its highest. Then we have the 90+ age group which has seen no more than 379 deaths in a single day at it’s highest.

So what we’re seeing here is that is a negligible amount of “Covid” deaths in anyone under the age of 60. But we’re really not seeing very many “Covid” deaths in anybody aged between 60 and 80. What we are seeing is a much higher amount of “Covid” deaths in people aged over 85. But what’s so strange about that?

The average life expectancy in the UK is 81 years. Yet the UK has enforced dictatorial tyranny, destroyed the economy, decimated businesses and people’s livelihoods and created a flood of mental health issues because people who have lived longer than the average life expectancy of 81 are dying. These people have already statistically lived beyond their years. What on earth is the UK government playing at?

The above table shows deaths that occurred in people aged 85-89 + people aged 90 and over in December 2020 and December 2019. There has been an increase of around 1500 in both age groups in December 2020 from December 2019. Now this isn’t the astronomical increase you would expect in the year of the “deadly” pandemic is it? And these are the age groups we have just clarified to you as being the ones with an astronomically higher rate of alleged Covid deaths compared to all other age groups. So we’ll ask again, what on earth is the UK government playing at?

So far we’ve clarified that the people allegedly dying from Covid are the same people that have statistically lived beyond their life expectancy, but what if they’re not actually dying from Covid? As you saw in the heat map the data is based on people that have died “within 28 days” of a positive test for SARS-CoV-2. This means that if the person is to die from anything else but had received the positive test within 28 days of the deaths then it is labelled as a Covid death.

This means if the person dies in a car accident but tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in the previous 28 days they are added to the Covid death statistics. This fact is deeply troubling when we apply it to the fact the majority of people in the Covid death statistics are statistically for want of a better phrase “past their sell by date” anyway. It has to be without doubt that people who are generally dying of old age are being added to the death statistics, meaning they are being artificially inflated to justify the enforcement of dictatorial tyranny in the form of lockdowns.

The above table taken from official ONS data (You can find the official ONS data here) shows that in December 2020 Dementia and Alzheimer deaths were down on the December five-year average. Even more interesting than that though is it shows deaths due to Chronic lower respiratory diseases and due to Influenza and Pneumonia halved in December 2020 compared to the five-year average. This proves that Covid deaths are being artificially inflated.

There can be no doubt that influenza cases and deaths are being recorded as Covid-19 cases and deaths. According to a report released by the World Health Organisation (you can find the report here), influenza is now non existent throughout the world.

The data set shows that influenza was rife throughout the northern hemisphere up to around week 11 of 2020 and that there was a sudden rapid decline from then on, until it was virtually eradicated by week 15. The data shows that there have been no positive specimens in the northern hemisphere throughout the rest of 2020.

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