Celebrities/Politicians Lining up for the COVID-19 Genocide “Vaccine” Marketing Campaign | T hey are all complicit in the global genocide program

Celebrities/Politicians Lining up for the COVID-19 Vaccine Marketing Campaign
Prepare For Change / sharibitsis

They’re Coming out in Droves in Support of the Experimental COVID19 Vaccine

Celebrities are coming out in droves to support, encourage (coerce?) and perpetuate the narrative (lies?) that the establishment keeps force feeding to the public. As they knowingly or unknowingly support the deceptive COVID19 scenario, the institutions behind the plot continue to censor anything that offers evidence, statistics, facts, support, expert knowledge, etc., that counters the narrative.

Well “Hello Dolly!”

Parton switches her famous enchantress “Jolene” for a new jezebel called “Vaccine”

Gervais won’t Go Out without It!

In Partnership with Big Corporate WalMart, Katie Couric promotes Vaccines

(even encouraging getting both the flu vaccine and the COVID19 vaccine)

Schwarzenegger, “Come with Me if you want to Live.” Arnold uses Terminator Lingo to Sway the Masses to Vaccinate.

Mandel encourages all to Vaccinate

Funny Man and Elder Bob Newhart at Age 91 Gets the COVID19 Shot

and if you have not had enough of the COVID19 Marketing Charade:

Entertainment Online Gives Us a Whole Treasure Trove of Famous Beings Doing the COVID19 Vaccine Marketing Two Step

See Celebrities and Politicians Receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine

President-Elect Joe Biden received the vaccine for the coronavirus on Monday, Dec. 21, alongside wife Dr. Jill Biden. See more public figures and celebrities that were vaccinated here.

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