Secret Emails Prove, mRNA Vaccines Are Dangerous

Secret Emails Prove, mRNA Vaccines Are Dangerous
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We The People Around The World Are The Experiment For Effective/Massive Extermination Techniques, Reverse Psychology & Trump’s Motives In Question, MAGA Support Declining Fast! – Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.


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By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Why do inexperienced bartenders sometimes make crappy mixed drinks? Knowing the correct mixture of alcohol and other mixes makes the perfect drink, but what if the COVID-19 bartender / scientists can’t determine or figure-out the right amount of mRNA in a vaccine and is further complicated due to “unknown” degradation factors? (Secret emails recently discovered…see below comments)

The results of crappy / experimental unapproved FDA vaccines are too numerous to list….an unknown huge number of vaccine recipients around the world are experiencing various types of vaccination injuries, including immediate death to complications resulting in death weeks later.

Is it any wonder why MORE doctors and nurses, including military and law enforcement personnel are refusing any type of COVID vaccine?

A source in the military stated today (, his unit commander at Ft. Campbell is warning the many soldiers refusing the vaccine, they will be demoted to private, loss of pay and extra duty “WHEN….the military orders mandatory vaccines in July.” (Let that sink-in for a moment)

July?? Is that the government’s target date for the entire United States population, if not only federal employees? It’s coming one way or another and faster than expected, because more people are refusing the experimental vaccines that DO NOTHING but harm humans while those vaccinated will still have to wear a mask, distance themselves, and quarantine where required !

The ONLY advantage is being allowed to travel on commercial transportation, and soon enough…..allow the vaccinated to enter certain states, countries, or even Wal*Mart.

It’s coming…..

The reverse psychology being used by these globalist thugs [eugenicists Bill Gates, Fauci etc] and New World Order [communist] puppets, sucking billions of dollars out of the United States for a fake pandemic claiming lives at a rate less than the normal yearly deaths reported, plus the non-existent Flu and Pneumonia cases this past year….the “Catch 22″ in this psychological warfare game is to ALLOW these facts to surface soon, and THEN use the same narratives (most deaths are not really connected to COVID) to SUGGEST….”most or all deaths are not from the vaccines, but are normal everyday deaths experienced around the world, regardless if reported deaths were days or weeks after getting vaccinated.”

The lying fakestream media and a bamboozled former president Trump, continue to say “the vaccines are safe” and our beloved Donald Trump is either using reverse psychology on the Democrat Communists to take their own medicine [vax], while at least 70% plus Trump supporters refuse to take any vaccine, he is either “out-to-lunch’ with the rest of the Democrats, or (hopefully) he will wake-up, research the facts and give a press conference to let the world know….the vaccines are NOT approved by the FDA, but only approved for “Emergency Use Only.” (In the report below….you will understand why the FDA and other world agencies refuse to approve these vaccines and why many countries are now banning vaccines, except the U.S.).

Now….here is another “Catch 22″ reverse psychology trap !

We already know, the majority of those accepting the jab are democrats believing fakestream media and their goons pushing the false statement, “vaccines are safe and the only way (YOU) will be able to experience some level of freedom and travel is to get vaccinated.” Thus….”the majority that refuse the vaccine are MAGA / RACIST / TRUMP SUPPORTERS,” by which can lead to (or cause) the next planned step of requiring mandatory vaccines and a cute bracelet / electronic passport app (or Dunce hat) to show your support for quasi-president Biden, but at the same time…they do not like Trump’s support for voluntary vaccine participation. Key word “VOLUNTARY,” forcing a “MANDATORY”requirement as a response to MAGA supporters.

In their own statements…”Vaccinations will NOT keep you and others safe.” WHAT????

New Mexico governor gave a unrealistic statement yesterday, “New Mexican’s will not experience a level of freedom, they once knew, until a greater majority of more than 21% (so far)….are vaccinated.”

The number thrown around by pundits in the media is “at least 75%” of Americans must be vaccinated before “things go back to normal.” (Sorry…ain’t gonna happen!)

Yes….people are waking-up, but at the same time, the globalist thugs will advance faster with their agenda to command and control the population while destroying the economy, creating more billionaires, and injecting the entire world with an out-of-control manipulating mRNA genetic bio-weapon.

The “Holocaust of Humanity” is underway, and THEY want you to believe (NOW) by keeping humanity locked-down for various periods of time will save the planet from CO2 exhaling, while at the same time…THEY want you to BREATHE your own CO2 everywhere you go, including in your homes.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny states: “the complications and affects of these vaccines could become extremely evident in 4 to 18 months from now.” (paraphrasing)

Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor, board certified in three medical specialties. Widely regarded as the most knowledgeable and outspoken physician on the adverse impact that vaccines can have on health.

Therefore…..if a bartender mixes a crappy drink for you, do you continue to order another and another plus give her/him a nice tip?

Just as alcohol affects humans in various ways, from a happy drunk to an insane wife beater, including death by the bottle, the insane continue to stand in long lines to get their jab without considering the consequences. Some will never see a reaction, some will be injured temporarily, or for a lifetime, and an unknown number will die, as they are now (mostly unreported).

Basically…..the mRNA manipulates your body with proteins that never go away, but opens the door for other (upcoming) vaccines to trigger genes negatively, and why many are dying from the booster shot. (See Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” Reports)

See Report Below and YOU Decide If The Vaccine Is Safe…….(Key Points) mRNA levels in various batches of vaccines are not the same due to unknown research concerning degradation, temperature levels, and other factors recently discovered in secret emails. Based-on the next paragraph quote, it can be construed to suggest…too much mRNA can be devastating.

“EMA did acknowledge, however, that vaccine efficacy depends on the presence of suitable amounts of intact mRNA. In the case of the commercial batches that first raised alarm bells, the agency told The BMJ that the levels of truncated mRNA “and the amounts of a potential protein produced by the truncated mRNA would be too low to constitute a safety risk.” EMA did not comment on how truncated mRNA might affect efficacy. The issue was satisfactorily addressed, the agency underlined, when further information was supplied by the manufacturer.” —Serena Tinari

We either stand together and fight the onslaught of medical tyranny, or we die together in mass. It’s your body, your choice….not the government’s choice.

—Dave Bertrand

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