Toronto Activist Chris Sky stands up for his rights and refuses to be illegally arrested. 20 cops stand down. Stand up Canada! #justsayno

Dylan Eleven |

Toronto activist stands up to cops in his driveway and says no he will not be illegally arrested. He refuses to be bullied and tricked into allowing himself be arrested for not wearing a mask at Longos food supermarket. Claiming medical exemption is allowed and the police have no right to arrest him.

They clearly try to plant something and Chris calls them out on it.

Previously an Ontario representative for Kanata was illegally detained, tortured and claims was almost murdered by police in custody.

Chris wisely refuses to be taken in and arrested as he had done nothing wrong. He may have averted a similar fate and avoided being illegally detained and facing potential torture due to his activist efforts.

We will not tolerate police illegally detaining people for standing up for their rights. These police should be ashamed and it is time the good cops stand up to the bad.

When dealing with police you can say no to them if they are in the wrong and are violating your rights. And you must be persistent as Chris is in this 30 min video.

Know your rights! Stand up Canada! Stand up world!

Thank you Chris Sky!

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