We Must Resist

We Must Resist

Justin Trudeau Faces Corruption Probe Related to Millions in Bribes | News | teleSUR English

It has been over a year since #COVID19 and the lockdowns came to our shores, and in that time our government and its medical bureaucracy have led a de facto coup on the people they were elected to represent and hired to serve.

As we reflect on the last year, it is evident that we have been invaded by practices and policies that are hallmarks of fascist and communist regimes that are abolishing our freedoms and democracy.

I have had enough, many across the world, Canada, and Ontario are fed up. Watch my video where I go over the disdain our governments have for voters and how we can resist. Tag your friend and encourage others to join the resistance.

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Protesting has not been made unlawful here in Canada, it’s just an illusion

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