Government now targeting children with biochemical agents

Government now targeting children with biochemical agents
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Here James Allard presents yet more researchers declaring further reasons for extreme caution in the use of the experimental Covid vaccine and pseudo vaccines.

We’ve never seen vaccines produce so many serious adverse reactions so soon as these have. It screams a need for caution and more research.

Yet the UK government among others persists in its reckless determination to inject the entire population with these experimental agents.

This obsession is bizarre in light of the fact that millions are targeted who are under no serious threat from the flu-like bug and evidence is now emerging that the predictions of many virologists and immunologists that people will start dying or becoming very ill in large numbers because of the vaccine are coming true.

Given the nature of this bug and the fact admitted by the government itself (which then proceeds to bizarrely ignore its own advice) that it is nothing to worry about if you are not in the small minority of people who by virtue of extreme age or serious existing illness vulnerable, the correct handling remains simple:

(1) quarantine and shield the small minority of people who are truly at risk if they wish it

(2) deploy the several KNOWN WORKABLE REMEDIES that exist yet have been suppressed (a crime that on its own has cost thousands of lives that could have been saved)

(3) educate and encourage the populace in common-sense measures to boost their immune systems.

To utterly neglect these common sense measures and to persist with mass injection with an experimental agent in whilst studiously ignoring a virtual forest of furiously waving red flags, especially targeting our kids, is a crime for which those responsible and those who aided and abetted them must be held accountable.

This is even more so in light of the fact that despite the clear and present danger to its citizens, our deplorable government – arguably the most ethically degraded government the UK has had – just keeps right on cynically lying to our faces about how”safe” the ‘vaccines” are. It is not as if they don’t know this is a lie.

No other product on God’s green Earth, no food product, medicine natural remedy or confectionary, would not have been withdrawn with a fraction of the bad indictors the “vaccines” have caused.

So WHY are theses new biochemical agents exempt from the common sense that applies to everything else? We are dealing with a bug that is not life-threatening in the vast majority of cases and for which there exist several workable remedies, from which those who are truly vulnerable can be shielded. And the government keeps right on obsessively pushing “vaccines” that are more dangerous than the alleged virus.

There is another far more sinister motive at work here and it has nothing to do with your health or the wellbeing of your kids.

It is too late to help those who have already fallen into the trap set for them by their government. Many will become ill and die over the ensuing months and years – whilst the government twists and squirms and lies in an effort to deflect blame onto everything but where it truly belongs. We can only watch and pray that the death and injury toll will not be too great.

But those who have not yet been injected still have a chance to protect themselves form this assault by their own government and its puppet masters and – for God’s sake – our children who are safe from this virus but are not safe from the government that is now targeting them.


by James Allard

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