This Could Be Launch Of An Avalanche!! “HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton. Evergreen = Hillary’s Secret Service name. Evergreen Call Sign: H3RC.” Evergreen Cargo Ship Stuck | Intel Suggests Humans May Be Inside, containers with seats and restraints

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March 26, 2021

This Could Be Launch Of An Avalanche!! “HRC = Hillary Rodham Clinton. Evergreen = Hillary’s Secret Service name. Evergreen Call Sign: H3RC.” Evergreen Cargo Ship Draws Penis Before Getting Stuck… Intel Suggests Humans May Be Inside 

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Yup… it happpened!

Evergreen – definition of evergreen by The Free Dictionary… see definition #2…don’t let your jaw hit the floor… hidden in plain site?

Define evergreen. evergreen synonyms, evergreen pronunciation, evergreen translation, English dictionary definition of evergreen. adj. 1. Having foliage that persists and remains green throughout the year. 2. Perennially fresh or interesting; enduring. 3. Automatically renewed or…

Reposted from social media Evergreen shipping is owned by Ghislaine Maxwells husband and father (Indian: I couldn’t confirm this, but did learn Evergreen shipping is private owned).The ships call sign H3RC…as in Hilary Rodham Clinton and Russian naval ships have the ship surrounded. EVERGREEN FALLING: [March 24th] Hillary’s Codename from the CIA tells all: Evergreen was th zooe shipping company used in trafficking children out of countries like Haiti. Many of the decodes over the past couple of weeks have hammered in the gravity of the truth about Haiti and what it will do to the Democrat party. A few days ago, a ship from Evergreen Cargo became lodged in the Suez Canal [Egypt]. The Captain of the ship sailed in a course that when when tracked from above, creates the image of a penis… This would seem to suggest that this catastrophic navigation was intentional! What kind of cargo will be discovered on this ship? Nearly every ‘Fact Checker’ in the business swarmed around a story from May of 2017 alleging that a raid on an Evergreen Cargo ship that departed from Africa and arrived at the Port of Baltimore was harboring Human Trafficking Victims from countries like Yemen and Syria as well as drugs and other illegal contraband. The ship’s name? “The Chelsea”. The call sign for one of their ships was even named “H3RC”!! Evergreen happens to own several ships named “Chelsea”, which is coincidentally the name of HRC’s daughter. The symbolism is undeniable. Coincidentally, a Nursing Home named Evergreen Court in Spring Valley, New York caught fire on March 23rd. Often, Deepstate comms are cloaked in such disasters. They’ll sacrifice buildings full of people just to communicate simple messages: “Evergreen is going up in flames”. Just a coincidence? Human trafficking, especially within 3rd world countries where people are considered subhuman by the Elite, revolves around the 4dr3n0chr0m3 trade. The name “Evergreen” thus takes on … “Evergreen Chemtrails” For Eye Popping Research!! Uh, rather than doing a repost, just do a search, and be prepared to learn about how the chemtrail operations play out. Lots of strange evergreen stuff eh? Who is at war with humanity? Looks like we’re finding out. Is this all a sign that the deepstate is done? What if the public sees evidence of cargo ships filled with trafficked humans? There is no going back to ‘normal’… There is only here. Be here now. It is where the truth can be heard. Now with the hillary connections to the human trade becoming known, and also it is becoming known that the hillary paraded before the public is clone… can we see that artificial lifeforms must be controlled otherwise they have a tendency to rule of humans. Humanity MUST control it’s creations… that’s part of the process of creation. Are Russians waiting? The eyes of the world are watching. Will there be a showdown?

Szabóné Matusek says: Now it all makes sense.

The evergreen cargo ship owned by the father / husband of Ghislane Maxwells is stuck in the Suezi channel. Hillary SS code name was evergreen. Ships are used for child trafficking. The whole Russian navy is right there waiting……. PUTYIN TRAPED THEM Putin is involved in the implementation of the worldwide deep state cabal. Just wait until they put down some of the load and find what’s inside….. This could be the launch of the avalanche.

May be an image of ocean and text that says 'THE MARITIME POST EVERGREEN EV! MV Ever Given ran aground in the Suez Canal after gust of wind blew it ff course. (AFP) Massive Ship Blocking Suez Canal Costs About $400 Million An Hour About 12% of global trade goes through the canal, making it so strategic that world powers have fought over the waterway since it was completed in 1869.'

Love and blessings to all humanity, and to those affected by human trafficking… may humanity be free. Q Predicted Future In 2018: “Define Evergreen. When Do You Call A Plumber?” Now if Q predicted this recent event, what could this mean? The event was preplanned. Here’s a theory: The white hats KNEW EVERYTHING… so they knew the darkhats were planning an event that would be an attack on the economy of the world. The white hats also knew those same ships may be carrying human payload. And the tugboats… mossad and barack? What does that mean? It means we’re watching a movie. It also means the snake is eating itself. Remember… the art of war… could this be checkmate? Enjoy the show and take good care of your inner being… it’s just a ride.

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