Pedophile, child murder and trafficker Justin Trudeau (Castro) links to John Podesta and other pedophiles | Canada Is Used To Launder The Cabals Cash, Drugs, Weapons, Children, Organs. Canada Is Their Playground | Canada Is The Swamp | Lincoln park Is In Calgary Alberta

From Telegram Compiled by many:

Did you know Lincoln Park is in Calgary AB?

Its an Old Military Base With Connections to Pea Dough File John Podesta!

His Biological son, Chester Bennington,

Committed Suicide by Red Scarf Doorknob!

Also Known as a Clinton Scide!!!

Chester’s Band was Called Lincoln Park!

There have been Many References to Chester and Lincoln Park!

For example, their song “In the End” has been used in a lot of Trump Rallies and Trump Video Clips!

There is a Pic of Justin Turdeau whispering to John Podesta that We Were Told to “Remember this pic!”

Military Bases are where they liked to Experiment with MK Ultra!

JP was Hilary’s Campaign Manager with Lots of Ties to Comet Ping Pong and the Pizza Parlor!

Open The Flood Gates!

Canada Is Used To Launder Their Cash, Drugs, Weapons, Children, Organs, etc!

Canada Is Their Playground!

Canada Is The Swamp!

And If You Think We Are Better than the Corruption coming to Light in USA…..

Think Again!

Every Party in Every Province has Been Infiltrated!!!

By the CCP AND MB!!!!

They are Working Together

To DeStablize OUR Canada!!!!

That is Their Goal!!!!


In Wikileaks…

Podesta “KNEW” jt was going to Win His First Election a Day BEFORE The Election!!!

Jason Kenney Was The Former Federal Minister of Immigration!

This Should Be All You Need to Know About Him!!

Every Street Corner has changed in Alberta!!!

CCP’s Kathy Tam is in Calgary!

Omar Khadar is in Edmonton!!

Every Politician Trying to Sell the CV Scam is IN On it!!!

277 MP’s

93 of 97 Senators in USA!!!

ALL In on it!!!

See also the court case against Justin Trudeau that accuses him of child trafficking:

View here

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