Pushing Black Americans to Be Mass-Jabbed with Hazardous Covid Drugs | Do not get vaccinated!

Pushing Black Americans to Be Mass-Jabbed with Hazardous Covid Drugs
Stephen Lendman / Stephen Lendman

Pushing Black Americans to Be Mass-Jabbed with Hazardous Covid Drugs

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.orgHome – Stephen Lendman)

About a third of Americans so far were conned to be jabbed with experimental, hazardous to health covid drugs that risk irreversible harm or death when taken as directed.

Most unjabbed Americans hesitate to take a great leap into the unknown.

They’re justifiably concerned about high-risk, rushed to market drugs.

They risk contracting the disease they’re supposed to protect against and countless others later on.

There’s nothing safe and effective about covid mass-jabbing with experimental Pfizer/Moderna mRNA technology — just the opposite.

The same goes for J & J and AstraZeneca covid vaccines.

Dr. Vernon Coleman calls covid jabs “weapons of mass destruction (that) could wipe out the human race.”

Protecting our health and lives requires mass-unity against hazardous mass-jabbing for covid, he stressed.

Days earlier, he minced no words saying mass-jabbing won’t “stop people getting covid and they do not stop them spreading it.”

“(Y)et politicians and government-hired hacks and the media suggest” otherwise.

So do paid-by-Pharma doctors appearing on television or writing establishment media op-eds, pushing mass-jabbing with toxins to be avoided, not used.

“(T)hey are all lying,” Coleman stressed.

Mass-jabbing won’t protect as falsely claimed. At most, it may somewhat reduce symptoms short-term if contract flu — now called covid.

“(A)nyone who says anything else is a liar. I don’t care who they are. They’re lying,” Coleman explained.

They’re either lying because they’re “damnably ignorant (or) they’ve been bought to lie.”

Explaining his truth-telling message, Coleman stressed that mass-jabbing for covid is no safer than “jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute…”

Because of longstanding abuses against African Americans in the US, countless numbers in inner-cities and the rural south are hesitant about being jabbed with what may be harmful.

NYT misinformation, disinformation, fake news, and Big Lies aim to manipulate their minds to go along with what indeed may cause serious harm or death if used as directed.

Earlier the self-styled newspaper of record discussed a Baton Rouge, La nurse “on a crusade to overcome resistance among older African-Americans unwilling to” be jabbed for covid.

Left unexplained was that she’s likely bought and paid for by Pharma to push their hazardous, experimental drugs no one should take.

Claiming they risk “the grave” for refusing to be jabbed has things backwards.

Protecting health and staying safe demands rejection of Pharma toxins, refusing to be mind-manipulated to take what won’t protect and risks great harm if used as directed.

Separately, the Times claimed that “Black people need better access (to mass-jabbing), not better attitudes,” saying:

Black Americans have “about twice (the risk) of dying” from flu called covid than their white counterparts — yet are largely unjabbed.

Accurate numbers of covid deaths since early last year are unknown — because countless numbers of deaths from other illnesses were included to artificially inflate covid fatalities.

The key difference between both communities is systematic inequality.

Black households are more economically insecure and less able to afford proper healthcare than their white counterparts because of less income.

Rejecting mass-jabbing for covid protects health instead of the other way around pushed by the Times and other establishment media.

Permitting hazardous to health drugs to be jabbed into our bodies risks serious short-or-longer-term harm.

Mass-jabbing “hesitancy” is a good thing.

Yet the Times and other Big Media are on a crusade to get everyone mass-jabbed.

Since Black Americans appear more hesitant than their white counterparts, the Times is pushing to convince them to self-inflict harm.

In its latest edition, it claimed a (likely Pharma enlisted) rural south “volunteer army (is) combat(ting) (mass-jabbing) skepticism.”

A likely Pharma bought-and-paid-for Mississippi doctor was quoted, claiming:

“It’s all hands on deck because this is a life-and-death situation (sic).”

Protecting life depends on rejecting toxic covid jabs.

Taking them risks serious harm to health, a shorter lifespan, and possible near-term death.

Media mass deception in cahoots with lying politicians and Pharma are responsible for conning Americans to go along with what provides no protection and risks irreversible harm to health.

Big Lies and mass deception convinced over 100 million Americans to be jabbed for flu — now called covid.

It’s at a time when no meds are needed unless ill.

For individuals contracting flu who wish or are advised by their doctor to be medicated, safe, effective, low-cost hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), zinc, and one of two antibiotics works when taken as directed within about 10 days of becoming ill.

So does Ivermectin.

These drugs are free from the hazards posed by mass-jabbing with toxins.

Instead of spreading the word by truth-telling reports, the Times and other major media suppress it.

Big Lies and mass deception define their coverage.

Instead of promoting public health, they’re pushing what harms it.

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