234,000+ indictments are sealed as of the end of February | Explanation of exactly what a sealed indictment | Usually there is about 1000 per year | This shows a big takedown is happening

MJ Truth | March 29 2021

Someone asked about sealed indictments and what it means, so I thought I’d provide everyone with more information so you can understand…

Everyone has heard that there are sealed indictments… It is by far the most undervalued piece of information we have out there that shows that there is a plan to arrest a lot of people. ALOT OF PEOPLE.

Pacer.gov website shows 234,000+ indictments are sealed as of the end of February. I read anywhere between 99 people can be included in just one indictment (do the math). This is huge if you know the average sealed indictments range about 1,000 for any given year.

A sealed indictment is the result of a SECRET grand jury proceeding.

A secret grand jury has 12-23 US citizens that are given information and testimony from a prosecutor. The prosecutor is prosecuting a person, who has NO IDEA this is going on.

The jury decides if there is sufficient evidence/cause prosecute this person with a crime.

In which case they file a sealed indictment. It stays off the record and the person has no idea. They won’t know it until they are arrested.

The prosecutor is a Fed US Attorney, A County District Attorney, or State Attorney General.

It’s done this way because we are prosecuting organized crime (i.e. The RICO Act). Everything has to be lined up. They can’t indict one person at a time because it would tip off the rest, causing a chain reaction. When they unseal one, all gets unsealed to prosecute EVERYONE. Everyone gets arrested at the same time.

This has nothing to do with Trump, Q, but has been a plan in the works for decades by The Alliance (White Hats). These evil POS’s will ALL be taken down, LEGALLY.

I hope that helps everyone understand the magnitude of what is going to happen. Watergate x 1,000.

“Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.”

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