Ten police cars and one K-9 unit sent to Tim Hortons in Durham Ontario to deal with person legally not wearing a mask due to a medical exemption and arrest her | Citizens call out police


Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

Durham Police arrest illegally a lady in Tim Hortons for not wearing a mask. She explained she has a disability and cannot breath with it on. Instead of agreeing with her and reprimanding the Tim Hortons employees for not following the bylaws and allowing her entry without a mask, they arrest her.

The crowd stands up for her and many verbally challenge the police on their actions. The people know the truth and are standing up.

See the video here:


We will not tolerate Police abusing the people they are here to protect.

We the people will stand by police if they stand up for our constitutional rights. But we will not stand with you if you trample on them. We are the many, you are the few. Choose your side now and defy your illegal unconstitutional orders.

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