A credible source provides answers to many questions bothering truthers | Georgia Guidestones, JFK assassination, Moon Landing, Howard Hughes and Covid-19 Vaccines

Georgia Guidestones Were Built by L. Ron Hubbard
Henry Makow


A credible source

provides answers
to many questions
bothering truthers.
She must remain
anonymous because
whistleblowers are
being murdered.

by Henry Makow PhD

1. The Georgia Guidestones were constructed by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard in 1980. The 500 million depopulation goal was intended to reserve the planet for scientologists. Hubbard, who considered himself to be “the antichrist,” personally supervised the construction, going under the name Robert G. Christian. Bill Gates was a Scientologist who took depopulation to heart.

2. JFK was shot by his limo driver, Secret Service agent Bill Greer. JFK was killed for trying to abolish the Federal Reserve. The Secret Service is run by the Fed. Trump was probably threatened with assassination if he contested the rigged election.

HowardHughes-rowlands.jpeg3. Howard Hughes faked his death in 1976. A double, a mental patient by the name of Kevin Rowlands was sacrificed. Hughes died in 1991 and was cremated. He spent the period 1976-1991 supervising his empire from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Puerto Rico. He faked his death because he was being sued by the IRS for refusing to pay any taxes. He had many excellent disguises but never allowed photographs. He was protected by the CIA and funded their secret projects and moneymaking schemes. He became a CIA asset under G.H.W. Bush. Claims that Hughes married Eva McLelland and lived in a trailer seven miles west of Troy AL are false. Hughes had two children, Andrew J. Cipollo by a waitress named Jeannette Marie Cipollo and Ernie Kanzler by Katherine Hepburn. Ernie was adopted by Mrs. Kinsler, the sister of the wife of Edsel Ford, at the request of Katherine Hepburn.

4. The 1969 NASA moon landing was staged in Piedmont NM.

5. The Covid 19 vaccines are indeed intended to depopulate the planet. They are not vaccines but “gene therapies” the effect of which should be apparent within six months.

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