3 Simple Steps To Freedom | How to stop the Genocide and mark of the beast programs currently threatening humanity

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

Logic prevails through the maze of ridiculous propaganda . If you look at all aspects of the covid scam and apply logic, none of it stands up.

After analyzing all of the information since the beginning of the covid hoax I can, I believe the simplest solution for a person to take to regain freedom is the following 3 steps. If everyone on the planet sticks to all 3 steps we can avoid genocide and stop the mark of the beast system.

1. STOP INJURING YOURSELF = Do not wear a mask.

This will stop the damage being caused by wearing one and begin the healing process. Boost your immune system and get some sunshine! Plus it will begin the mental recovery of yourself and anyone else that sees your face.

2. DO NOT INJURE YOURSELF = Do not get the deadly covid vaccine.

This is the Genocide weapon. It was a vaccine Genocide weapon they used for the so called Spanish flu. The vaccine killed millions not a flu. They are trying to repeat history. Stay away from it and do not inject it into anyone or recommend anyone get vaccinated. And you will not be part of the Genocide.

3. STOP THE MARK OF THE BEAST PROGRAM = 100% boycott all business that have covid restrictions.

The first two are about regaining your health freedom. #3 is about stopping the mark of the beast system, which is all about restricting your ability to buy food to survive. Or travel or live your life as you see fit. If you have the mark you can participate in society. If you do not accept the satanic ritual of masks, social distancing and the taking of a vaccine that can kill you, or seriously injure you, that has already killed thousands and hundreds of thousands have been injured. You cannot buy anything or go anywhere.

The way we stop this is simple. We attack the problem head on. The real enforcer of this will be the business not the governments.

Let me explain. For example; illegal income tax. There is no law stating you must pay income tax. It is a scam that is pulled of by the governments stating to business you must ask your employees when they sign up to fill out their tax forms. Which actually is your voluntary giving up if this money to the government. You can say no I pay my taxes elsewhere and they can’t collect taxes and you don’t have to pay any because there is no law to support it. This is how they get an illegal law into effect without actually being a law.

They are doing this with covid now too.

This has been recently pointed out by cabal member Doug Ford, a corrupt politician in Ontario Canada.

Recently he cracked down further in Ontario, the region that has had the longest lockdowns in North America. He stated that police can stop anyone and ask for their ID and their reason for being out of the house. Also all public playgrounds are off limits to citizens. And all businesses must rope off areas and only sell in store essential items.

The Public rose up and so did the police. The primer Ford then backed down on two of the rules and in doing so showed the true nature of this lockdown power they say they have.

First; public spaces. Owned by the public and controlled by the public. Meaning the people are the ones at the parks with no one there to demand covid restrictions be followed. So he backed down and allowed people to go to parks. Because he cannot enforce this and it is illegal to do so.

Second; police stops to demand ID and what you are doing. The police nicely responded to this by informing everyone by tweet that Ontario regulation 58/16 does not allow police to stop anyone and ask for ID arbitrarily. This was followed by a strong majority of police forces stating they will not comply with this illegal order and will not be doing it. Again because it is illegal. The government again has no power to implement this. Ford backed down on this too. Because he does not have the power to implement it.

And the third part of his restrictions is still in effect. Which is showing the only place the government is able to enforce this illegal covid scam: the businesses. Get them to do the illegal and liable part of enforcement of the mark of the beast system. Comply or you can’t shop. This is the true arm of enforcement. And this can be easily fought against by the people.

Getting citizens to refuse to serve other citizens unless they are masked, separated and vaccinated. Can be combatted by the people for the people.

This is why my recommendation is to boycott 100% of the business that are participating in the beast program. (Covid restrictions)

But let me be clear. I don’t want any of the business to go out of business. In fact the exact opposite. The governments destruction of small businesses with the covid lockdowns is to enforce the beast system. The way out of this is to support small businesses but only if they support the people and do not require vaccines or covid rule compliance.

The consumer demand will force all businesses to scrap the mark of the beast requirements. Setting us all free.

If we all only shop with places with zero restrictions, all businesses will immediately comply to the consumer. Instead of fines which are not standing up in court, businesses that do not allow the mark of the beast restrictions will be rewarded with our patronage. The small businesses can immediately benefit from this. The supply chains will be strengthened. The people will support the businesses and the businesses will not be the force that carries out the illegal plans of the government. This will end the mark of the beast system because it reverses it, we refuse to deal with people with the mark. Not the other way around.

So to summarize:

1. Regain your health and take off your mask

2. Don’t injure yourself or commit suicide by vaccine


3. Stop the mark of the beast system by supporting businesses that are for freedom and for the people.

This 3 step simple plan can stop global Genocide and a society based upon satanic rules to buy food.

Once this is implemented in your life. We must demand Nuremberg trials for all who are hell bent on Genocide.

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