THOUSANDS of anti-lockdown protesters TAKE OVER central London

THOUSANDS of anti-lockdown protesters TAKE OVER central London
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Thousands of protesters have descended on London to protest the British government’s ongoing coronavirus restrictions. Though pubs and shops have reopened, stiff limits on gatherings remain in place.

Holding signs reading “Freedom is non-negotiable” and “No health passports,” the demonstrators gathered in the capital on Saturday. Billed by its organizers as the “biggest street party London has ever seen,” the rally drew thousands of participants unhappy with the lingering restrictions on gatherings and movement, and opposed to the government’s vague plans to introduce so-called ‘vaccine passports’.

Actor and mayoral candidate Laurence Fox, who has promised to do away with Covid-19 restrictions entirely if elected, was an enthusiastic participant. Posting videos of hordes of people marching through the streets, he decried the “total corruptstream media blackout” of the protest.

There may be 50 or so now.

— Laurence Fox 🥛 (@LozzaFox) April 24, 2021

As of mid-afternoon, the mood seemed jovial. Though gatherings of such a large scale are still forbidden under the UK’s lockdown rules, the mostly maskless crowd marched freely through the city.

🔴LIVE: Large crowd marching streets of London
Anti Lockdown Protest | Hyde Park
Watch now: #LIVE #Livestream #London #Freedom #HydePark #Protest #Police #AntiLockdownProtest #AntiLockdown

— Subject Access (@SubjectAccesss) April 24, 2021

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