Taking back our planet: the War on Democracy flounders as Globalists shoot selves in foot

May 10, 2021 Steve Cook

So let’s focus our energy and really turn on the juice

by Fabian Ubiquitus

The freedom movement is winning the argument. Its numbers continue to grow as more and more concerned, patriotic citizens come aboard.

We are witnessing the birth of a new and powerful grass roots movement.

If we can build more unity and co-action (WITHOUT surrender of sovereignty) between us, we will win big.

Power is channeled or focused energy.

We have ideals and basic goals and dreams and guiding principles in common.

At April’s march in London, I could see the massive potential for a game- and world-changing grass roots movement. It seems to me the Globalists have shot themselves in the foot and they will rue the day they launched their current War on Democracy and their assault upon the human community.

But one thing we could strengthen so that we pack more punch, is to agree among us a core message that serves and forwards the various other messages we are putting out.

A core message agreeable to all of us and which helps the goals of our various groups, if we choose the right one – and if we relentlessly repeat it for these things work on repetition – will help as bring more people on board.

My suggestion is this: “YOUR GOVERNMENT IS LYING”.

This not only serves the purpose of all our groups but is a simple datum that is real enough to almost everybody.

We can observe that even while his War on Democracy is starting to flounder thanks to the heroic efforts of the wonderful people of our diverse and global Freedom Movement, the enemy has some successful actions we can emulate.

One of these is the use of simple sound bites and attention-grabbing headlines that are endlessly repeated. Like any advertising, implanting an idea works primarily on repetition.

These often work better than long, learned articles no matter how persuasive or eloquently expressed they are. Such things are apt for a particular audience but for the vast majority of people with other things going on in their lives, they don’t. But the sound bites, snappy paragraphs and headlines and repetitions do.

Well, we can do that and I think that if we do we will make greater inroads more swiftly through the desperately erected barricades if MSN and Big Tech censorship into the public consciousness. We already are. We just need to get a wriggle on and do so faster.

The enemy has other modus operandi. One such is lying but this is not in the long term successful and tends to backfire so we can skip that. Neither is such a modus operandi desirable if we wish to build a civilisation based on honesty and decency and the liberty that evolves naturally when we can all trust one another.

Besides, we have something more powerful to carry our messages through: one of these is sincerity. Another is a decent motive: we are trying to free Man, a purpose directly opposite to that of the Globalists whose goal is to un-free him.

So our simple messages have to be true and easy to demonstrate.

“Your government is lying” fits that bill. It is true and easy to prove, provided you can get the other person’s attention.

Furthermore, in routine discussion of the issues, it makes the GOVERNMENT the target and not the person we are having the discussion with.

It does not help to call people sheep or idiots or brainwashed or even imply it. It makes them wrong and people kick back against being made wrong. So let’s not make them wrong, let’s not even try to get them to change their mind or “see the error of their ways”. Let’s just skip all that and make the government the correct target. It is easier for someone to agree that SOMEONE ELSE is wrong (the government, Boris, whatever) than they themselves.

Besides, people are bombarded morning noon and night by a deluge of breathtakingly cynical lies, half truths, faked stats, carefully rigged reports and so forth that influence their decisions.

We need sharp pointy messages that cut right through that noise like arrows through carboard armour.

The government IS the source of those lies and it IS the villain of the piece, albeit we’ll probably find when we roll this back that the people who present themselves as the government are merely the stooges or front men for an even more slimy and corrupt hidden echelon of bankers and psychiatrists (scum rises to the top after all).

So instead of, “you are a brainwashed sheep”, which is almost guaranteed to make an enemy, or “you have killed your grandmother by urging her to have the vaccines”, why not skip all that and recognise that people are WRONGED not wrong.

And the government, through its stream of lies, is the source of the wrong.


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