Pizzagate 2021 – The Virus That Infectus Our World!

Pizzagate 2021 – The Virus That Infectus Our World! / Medeea Greere

These images are shocking and disturbing.

These networks need to be shut down forever!

These perpetrators are being rounded up and executed. This has been going on under our feet!

5 million kids are being rescued from underground under the cover of Operation COVID-19. That is what is really going on with the lockdowns. They are to keep our kids inside and safe while the monsters are rounded up and executed. None will escape!

Some of the kids have been underground for 5 generations and would die if exposed to 1 minute of sunshine! That is what the ventilators are actually for, they suffocate a coronavirus patient, but they are really useful for the kids coming up out of the tunnels.

The cruise ships in every port during the first lockdown were used to triage the kids coming out of the tunnels. They were then taken to a location in America where they are getting the love and support that they so badly needed and are doing really well now.

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