A close look at the stats exposes gov’s high propaganda drivel threshold

A close look at the stats exposes gov’s high propaganda drivel threshold
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Intro by Jon Davy

The following featured article from The Daily Expose does an excellent job of actually inspecting the stats behind the yarns we are being spun by a government currently breaking all records for dishonesty.

When you stop accepting the government’s misleading drivel at face value and start taking a close look at what the stats ACTUALLY reveal, it’s difficult to find anything the government is telling you that is actually true and not a pernicious alteration of the truth.

In this article, The Daily Expose really does do an excellent job of a rational, clearly explained analysis of the actual ONS and NHS stats.

SOURCE The Daily Expose. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Daily Expose for many more fascinating and illuminating articles.


Investigation of ONS & NHS data for the year of COVID-19 uncovers the largest lie ever told


In March 2020 the order was given “to stay at home” as the government and their circle of scientific advisors needed “three weeks” to flatten the curve. Fourteen months later and the United Kingdom is still under a “stay at home” order and has been told over one-hundred-twenty-seven-thousand people have now died from Covid-19.

Stay at home > Protect the NHS > Save lives has been the mantra of the UK Government and millions of their docile followers in the past year.
But what would you do if you found out you had given up a year of your life due to a big fat lie? What would you do if you found out you’ve been staying at home to protect an NHS that has been at an all time low capacity compared to the last five years? What would you do if you found out there haven’t actually been 100,000 deaths due to Covid-19 but instead a campaign of fear that has manipulated data to trick you into thinking there have been thousands of Covid deaths per day?

Well ‘The Daily Expose’ investigated, and we suggest you fasten your seat-belts because this is what we found…

(Sources for this investigation include the ONS and NHS)

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