Attention Toronto: Save the kids! 10 AM Today (Sunday May 23 2021) at Nathan Phillips Square Toronto Canada | Canadian Government Lures children with free Ice Cream if they take a deadly Covid vaccine and are encouraging kids to come without parent consent | THIS EVIL MUST BE STOPPED NOW

Dylan Eleven |

Ontario’s University of Health Network is teaming up with community organizers to deliver Pfizer vaccines to children at a pop-up vaccine event at the Nathan Phillips Square this Sunday — and children are encouraged to do so even without their parents’ permission.

This evil plot must end. Luring a child with free ice cream to take a potentially lethal “vaccine” is a crime against humanity and any person, any police officer, any doctor, anyone supporting this is complicit in this genocide and is liable under the Nuremberg Code carrying a penalty of death.

Do you understand police and doctors and nurses. If You stop protestors, if you drive the pop up vaccine equipment to this location, if you grab a kid and jab them you are liable with penalty of death under the Nuremberg Code and you will be tried.

It is time for everyone to stand together and shut this down. I don’t care if you are a cop, a doctor, or a concerned citizen. We must all stand together as human beings, and shut this down for good. 10am in Toronto Canada.

Full article below, please share and rally at this location. This must be stopped. And the people running it need to hear how wrong this is.

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