Canadian military officer faces 20 years in prison for publicly speaking out against the military plan to force vaccinate the population with a deadly vaccine | WE ALL MUST SUPPORT HIM AND GET HIM SET FREE AND ALL MILITARY PERSONAL LISTEN TO HIM DO NOT ASSIST IN THIS GENOCIDE | Nuremberg trials will convict you with the death penalty and you will be at war with the people you took an oath to protect

Dylan Eleven | | May 31st 2021

Canadian military operation VECTOR is a plan to distribute the genocidal Covid vaccines to the population.

This is a declaration of war against the population. All military personnel who participate in this genocide will be held accountable under the Nuremberg Code with penalty of death. Stating you were simply following orders will not save you.

The oath the police and military took swears they will protect the population and uphold the constitution and charter of rights and freedoms.

This brave soldier is fulfilling his oath by protecting our rights and lives by standing up to this genocidal order and telling others to do the same and to stay true to their oath by rejecting this order.

This will save millions of lives from a genocide vaccine, from Nuremberg trial executions and from a war of resistance by the public.

Yet he faces 20 years in jail for speaking against the fake narrative.


From a previous post:

Leslie Kenderesi, spoke in front of a crowd at an anti-lockdown rally at Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto on Saturday, Dec. 5.

A video of Kenderesi’s speech at the rally has been posted online and has been shared widely on social media.

“I’m asking military right now serving, truck drivers, medical, engineers, whatever you are – do not take this unlawful order for the distribution of this vaccine,” said Kenderesi during the rally. The soldier was wearing his fatigues while he spoke.

Kenderesi questioned the safety of taking the coronavirus vaccine. He said that he will most likely not take the vaccine. He called it a killer and said that “nobody knows what this vaccine will do to your body.”

“I might get in a lot of [expletive] for doing this, but I don’t care anymore,” he added. The crowd strongly approved of his speech, cheering and applauding at the end of it.

The rally was organized by The Line Canada, a group dedicated to resisting tyranny and oppression while at the same time opposing the lockdowns and economic restrictions imposed upon Canadians by the government under the guise of the pandemic. They are also noted in their support for freely choosing whether people should wear a mask or not.

The Line Canada introduced Kenderesi in the rally as an “original Canadian patriot,” and that he was an officer cadet who had over 25 years of experience. They also said he was skilled in hand-to-hand combat and that he was qualified as both a machine-gunner and a tank driver.

Operation Vector is the armed forces’ plan to aid the Public Health Agency of Canada in the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. The armed forces are planning to use their resources to speed up the delivery of vaccines across the country, as well as the transportation of doses “on short notice” from countries where Canada plans to purchase vaccines, such as the United States, Spain and Germany.

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