The Vaccine Divide and Emerging Segregation Society

The Vaccine Divide and Emerging Segregation Society
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By Jesse Smith

The push to get everyone to take a COVID-19 injection may be the greatest social engineering project the world has ever witnessed. Governments, Big Pharma, corporations, celebrities, health professionals, and the media have been able to convince millions of people to take experimental “vaccines” based on technology never before used in humans. The FDA and CDC declared they were safe (minus a few expected minor side effects) after only a few months of clinical trials and rushed them to market well before the expected 18-month timeline. The tricks used to fast-track these vaccines for widespread use would make even David Copperfield green with envy.

From the outset of the “pandemic,” government officials, health experts, and people like Bill Gates, Zeke Emanuel, and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus continued to parrot the idea that nothing would ever return to normal until a vaccine arrived to make society safe again. The mantra, repeated ad nauseum across the globe, served to put most of the world’s population in a state of paranoid hypnosis. Heavy doses of fear-laden headlines, dramatic press conferences, and repetitive daily talking points rendered people completely unable to comprehend the massive psyop that was taking place in response to the invisible enemy known as SARS-CoV-2.

Propaganda Promising Freedom through Injection

‘‘They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’’ – Ben Franklin

Not everyone needed prompting to take a COVID-19 shot when inoculations began in late 2020. Many eagerly sought the injections and couldn’t wait to boast about it, believing they were protecting their health and helping to end the “pandemic.” However, the hesitancy or in some cases outright refusal to take shots among the military, health care workers, minorities, Republicans, and Evangelicals would not be tolerated by the authoritarians who believe they know what’s best for an individual’s health. As the numbers of exuberant volunteers willing to take the injections waned, mass vaccination sites began to close across the country. As a result, a $1.5 billion dollar ad campaign was launched in March by the Biden administration to browbeat every American into getting vaccinated.

A partnership between the White House and the Ad Council produced the “It’s Up to You” campaign featuring all living former US presidents as well as their spouses (except the Trumps), encouraging all to “roll up your sleeves and do your part.”

Screenshot from Ad Council video

Under the umbrella of the Ad Council’s “COVID Vaccine Education Initiative,” campaigns were launched targeting African-American and Hispanic communities, churches, women, and parents. Several commercials featuring Sesame Street characters were aimed at young children, conveying that vaccination leads to regaining lost freedoms such as visiting grandparents and playing with other children.

Video screenshot: Elmo’s Daddy, Louie Got Vaccinated

As President Biden announced the goal of administering 200 million vaccine doses within his first 100 days in office, the propaganda campaign again picked up steam in April as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) received an additional $3 billion in funding by Health and Human Services (HHS) to “strengthen vaccine confidence.” The “We Can Do This” ad campaign was launched encompassing social media, television, and grassroots efforts featuring a Community Corps of “trusted voices in communities across the country.”

The Community Corps was created to “…mobilize health professionals, scientists, community organizations, faith leaders, businesses, rural stakeholders, civil rights organizations, sports leagues and athletes, and Americans from all walks of life to become leaders within their own communities to help get friends, family, and neighbors vaccinated.”

A sampling of the many organizations involved with the Community Corps includes:

  • AARP
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • American Medical Association
  • COVID Collaborative
  • Meals on Wheels America
  • MLB
  • NFL
  • National Association of Evangelicals
  • National Bar Association
  • PGA Tour
  • Planned Parenthood

The Community Corps is tasked with reaching the vaccine hesitant in any way possible. From pop-up tents and mobile vaccination centers to door-to-door campaigns, they’re authorized to get people vaccinated in the hardest to reach places. To equip them for the task, they are provided a toolkit full of nothing but glowing talking points to help convince holdouts to get the shot because “getting vaccinated will mean spending more time with loved ones and engaging your community.” Conveniently left out of this toolkit is the disclaimer that there is currently no FDA-approved vaccine to prevent COVID-19, as the factsheets for each EUA authorized vaccine emphatically state (see J&J/Janssen, Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech).

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