Makow – Should Covid Commies Worry About Violent Resistance?

Makow – Should Covid Commies Worry About Violent Resistance?
Henry Makow

join9.jpegNot only did the Communists
steal the election,
they want to liquidate
the 80-plus million patriots
who voted for Trump.

Cancel culture is about cancelling
you and the Western nation state.

Covid vaccines are about killing you.
Their goal is to destroy us & our values.
We must awaken from our slumber and
realize that we have been declared redundant.
We cannot continue to play stupid.
We’ve been handed our pink slip.

These depraved psychopaths are gaslighting you to believe that resistance to tyranny is “terrorism.”

By Henry Makow PhD

Decent Americans are in the cross-hairs but act like deer in the headlights.

bury-head-in-the-sand-300x199.jpegCovid Communists are waging war on them yet they act like nothing is happening.

Am I wrong? Where is the resistance? The Red States. Anywhere else?

Americans are fully armed but there have been no reports of pushback. If the vaccines prove to be as deadly as some doctors predict, and mandatory vaccination and passports are introduced, violent resistance is inevitable.

The Communists have committed the political equivalent of raping your daughters. They are gaslighting you.

“We are giving your daughter ‘a valuable life lesson,’ they say.” And you believe them.

Men, do you have any dignity left?

Can you see how feminism and gender dysphoria emasculated men. Are there any men left?


These depraved psychopaths are gaslighting you to believe:

1) That resistance to tyranny is “terrorism.”

2) That preserving the racial, cultural and political character of your country is “racist” when Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Jews can preserve theirs.

3) That a legitimate, mostly peaceful protest Jan 6 against a stolen election was a riot and the “worst attack on our democracy since the civil war?” (Joe Biden)

We must ignore their gaslighting. They are satanists, perverts, criminals, traitors and terrorists.


Biden said recently: “We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism.”

Meanwhile “black supremacists” demand the murder of all white people with impunity.

When will the silent majority wake up?

Or has it been so anesthetized on drugs and porn that it will just roll over and die?

Is it so hard to believe that the people who have usurped unlimited power and wealth should decide that the rest of humanity is redundant, except as servants?

We’ve been declared redundant. We’d better prepare to defend ourselves. Otherwise, submit to tyranny and death.

hu-praises-lindsey-graham-in-jerusalem-no-one-has-done-more-for-israel-rOCxN8HCKKk.jpegThere’s never going to be peaceful democratic change again. They keep that illusion alive to prevent us from resorting to the tactics that their Bolshevik and Zionist proxies have perfected.


Non-violent resistance should include a propaganda blitz focused on all the useful idiots carrying out the covid hoax. The go-fers, our “leaders,” and medics will take the blame for this catastrophe, not the people who gave them orders. They’re already throwing Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci to the wolves.

Meanwhile I say to the Satanists, you have everything except love, the thing you really want and need. Too bad you won’t discover this until it’s too late. You’re not a servant of Satan, you’re his prisoner. Turn back and discover the path of bliss. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

aleksandr-solzhenitsyn.jpegWe must awake from our slumber and confront this mortal threat.

We need a spirit of defiance.

We must embrace and love each other.

We must reach out to the Left and help them see that globalism (Communism) is our common enemy. The Masonic Jewish central bank (the Fed) and their network of gentile Freemason traitors (“our leaders”) are playing a game of divide and conquer.

We must stop being fearful.

In this the final battle, we must enlist in the Army of God.

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