The 72 Criteria of Detention In FEMA Camps For 21 Millions of U.S. Citizens Without Trial

The 72 Criteria of Detention In FEMA Camps For 21 Millions of U.S. Citizens Without Trial / Medeea Greere

New documents would outline the government’s criteria for detaining individuals in FEMA camps. For now, this list is primarily about US citizens identified as a ” terrorist threat “ to the government or to the nation.

It all started with REX 84 , intended to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law confiding power to the military who would take control of cities throughout the country. At first, it was said that detention camps could hold up to 21 million people without trial, simply because of a mere suspicion of guilt.

FEMA created Rex 84 to detain people in camps. From 2008, 8 million Americans were already in a huge file, over time the criteria that allow to register an individual in this file, have expanded, today the list has more names.

None of these people know that it is in this file, the government collects data until the day they are arrested.

The information was collected through spy tools: NSA, CIA, FBI, other federal police agencies and all the tools that collect information about the daily life of citizens: social networks, email, phone, etc.

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In this file the state has collected banking information, religious beliefs, professional network, friendly and family. Each piece of information is added to an open file on each individual.

These recent documents were obtained by FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT , the state will justify each detention by the fact that they may be potential terrorists, which will be logically directed to detention.

The documents found show that the information on some people is quite frightening, for example it is mentioned if a person is :

“conservative, anti-Muslim, liberal, if it possesses a weapon, if it believes in conspiracy theories, if it is for or against abortion, whether she is for or against globalization, whether she is communist, her opinion on immigration, the United Nations, or the New World Order.”

The file goes further on the information since it is mentioned if the person visits alternative information sites, if the person believes that we live the “end time”, etc.

That’s how millions of innocent Americans are added every day to this list. It is possible that many other governments around the world are doing exactly the same thing right now.

If you have recognized yourself in these criteria mentioned above, you could potentially already be in a list.

Below is a list of the 72 terms and phrases being used . If you fall into one of these categories the government sees you as an “extremist” and a “potential terrorist,” and will suspend your rights without warning.

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