Canadian Government Provides US Military Contractor With Names And Addresses Of Every Canadian Residence and Identifies who are military trained = Is this treason?

Dylan Eleven | | June 16 2021

This years Canadian census is being conducted by Lockheed Martin a US weapons manufacturer and military contractor.

The short form census illegally asks for the name of household members and phone number; under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms section 8 Canadians do not have to provide personal information such as their name.

The rest of the questions are simple. Non- offensive questions, language spoken etc.

However the only question that is out of place is asking if the residents are currently in the military or have been in the military before.

So the Canadian government is providing a list of every person who has military training and is potentially armed. Their name and address. Providing this information to a US military company. Is this not treason?

Providing a foreign military power a list of armed and trained people is a very concerning practice. If a government is going to attack its people this list is the exact thing they would need.

Canadians are under armed and the majority of any trained armed resistance would come from these individuals. And now a foreign military contractor has this list.

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