Amanda Vollmer, ND — People Getting the Jab are Mentally Ill

Amanda Vollmer, ND — People Getting the Jab are Mentally Ill
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“These are people that are not maturing; they are not learning their lessons and they have no skill set to grow with. They’re duds, and it’s hard for us to watch because these duds are murdering their own children, these duds are destroying our society right in front of us….”

Disclaimer– I prefer to see these people as conformist unthinking dupes rather than mentally ill. But I post this because it’s the kind of over-the-top propaganda we get. (Eg. Betty Friedan compared homemakers to :concentration camp inmates.”) So here’s one back!

The Cult of Shallow,By Doug Plumb


Amanda Vollmer, a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine has the clearest and relevant expression of what is going on. it’s very popular on Bitchute. It’s the best expression I have heard yet. What we are seeing is directly in line with the works of the very famous literary G.K. Chesterton, in 1950’s and what Ted Gundersen, ex FBI head in L.A. came out in the early 2000’s regarding the satanic abuse of children. Don’t listen to gatekeepers like Jordan Peterson who writes this evil off as nonsense in his interview with Bari Weiss.

Listen to her message:

“I’m gearing my message toward those who are not been swept up by the psychological operation that’s been underway, not just this year with the plandemik, but also for years and years building to this moment in time to help you feel better about the fact that people have slowly had their minds altered over decades, really decades.

It’s not something that’s happened overnight and it’s something that has been planned quite deeply. To help people wake up out of their deep deep hypnosis and it is hypnosis, I would suggest you study a few things, Larken Rose’s “A Candle In The Dark.”

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Amanda Vollmer, ND — People Getting the Jab are Mentally Ill


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