China preparing to invade America in 2021?

China preparing to invade America in 2021?
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Make sure you watch this so you can figure out what’s been happening so far and how it’s supposed to play out. sent by Selwyn.

China is preparing for kinetic war against the United States in just “a matter of months,” according to my guest today. But are they acting out of strength, or desperation?

JR Nyquist is a geopolitical expert and author who is sounding the alarm.

Russia and China are playing a scissors strategy, divide and conquer. Russians are playing the right side of the street, trump and so on. The left, Biden, are playing the Chinese side.

The two blades of the scissors close, not against each other, but taking out the agents who are not either under Russian or Chinese control. The two blades then join as one blade.

The COVID 19 attack is simply the first wave of a project of aggression, designed to kill up to 200 million Americans. The other phases of the attack are baked into the cake and will follow. Russia is being paid off and will get Alaska and parts of Canada. China will target the lower 48 states to build a second China. China is already short of food and needs more food for the Maunder minimum. China is already losing food production to cooling and is getting desperate to feed people. In ten more years the climate will be much colder than it is now.

Russians are moving forces into Mexico, to move across the border in smaller groups and target weak points, claiming it’s Arab or Islamic terrorism. Many Al Qaeda commanders were trained in Russia. The War On Terror is just a diversionary cover story for what’s coming from Russia and China working in combination. Chinese navy is huge now. The pandemic is dismantling effective numbers of US armed forces. COVID and the vaccines are a military operation to dismantle the west prior to a military attack.

Why is the US funding biological attacks on the US – Gates and Fauci? Corruption and greed of officials. Once an official is bribed, he’s owned.

Drug trafficking was carried out into the US since the 1960s.


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