Must See: John McAfee Suicided by Deep State

Must See: John McAfee Suicided by Deep State / Medeea Greere

Echoes of Epstein resound as the New World Order continues its implausible coverups of murders of people who endanger the deep state players and operations.

The media ridicules logical reasoning as wild “conspiracy theories.”

Make no mistake about it, this is no wild theory, but rather a very real and very active conspiracy.

It is a conspiracy of silence and it is a clandestine war on we the people, in so many ways.

John McAfee spoke the truth about The Deep State.

July 20, 2020 John McAfee published this video calling out the so called US deep state. One week later they issued a warrant for his arrest and he was arrested in Spain. Less than a year later he’s dead in a Spanish prison :

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