Canadian Official Admits Ban On In-person Gatherings is to Prevent Spread of ‘False Information ’ VIDEO

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ER Editor: Since the very beginning of the PLANdemic, seasoned observers have been suspecting this very thing about the unconstitutional restrictions placed on our freedom of movement and freedom of assembly … and out it popped from the mouth of a Canadian health official. No surprises about it being Canada, sadly.


Canadian official admits ban on in-person gatherings is to prevent spread of ‘false information’

‘The information’ being shared during in-person gatherings ‘itself if listened to creates risk to the public,’ claimed stammering Nova Scotia chief medical doctor Robert Strang, necessitating ‘a need to manage that misinformation campaign’ by restricting socializing.


An injunction outlawing in-person gatherings has a purpose other than just to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to Nova Scotia’s chief medical doctor. If people are allowed to be together, they might “deliberately” spread “false information that creates risk.”
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Recently in Nova Scotia, in-person gatherings and even the right to publicly protest were rendered illegal by an injunction issued on May 14. This primarily aimed at preventing gatherings to protest continued lockdowns and masking regulations. The injunction also criminalized promoting protests on social media.

During a May 31, 2021 live-streamed video updating the public on the current COVID-19 restrictions, Premier Iain Rankin and Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Strang, responded to various questions.

One telephone caller questioned the necessity for an injunction banning all in-person gatherings, saying, “I’m wondering about the injunction banning public gatherings and whether there really is a need for such a far-reaching one.”

Strang responded, “So I mean, I think it’s still there. We still have uh, the, uh, bringing large numbers of people together, uh, it can present some risk. We will continue to look at that.”

Stammering, he continued, “But I think the other purpose of the injunction is to, uh, is to, uh, prevent uh, you know, groups that are spreading, uh – deliberately spreading, uh, false information that… can actually create risk. The information itself if listened to creates risk to the public as well so, and…that certainly is a need to manage that misinformation campaign as well.”

MPP Roman Barber called this “a new low,” noting, “This is to be expected of Iran, China or my country of birth, the Soviet Union.”

The injunction was lifted June 22 after it was challenged in court. The Nova Scotia Supreme Court overturned the injunction, ruling that it was too broad as it was being applied to all social gatherings.

Nova Scotia is currently in the second of five “reopening” stages. The current regulations only permit indoor gatherings of 10 people and outdoor gatherings of 25.

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