NHS Doctor sends legal letter to Chief Exec of NHS England laying out unlawful actions by NHS Executives, UK Government, SAGE, and the MHRA

NHS Doctor sends legal letter to Chief Exec of NHS England laying out unlawful actions by NHS Executives, UK Government, SAGE, and the MHRA
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Solicitors have sent a letter addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of NHS England Sir Simon Stevens, on behalf of a whistleblowing NHS doctor laying out accusations of unlawful actions by NHS executives, the UK Government, Sage, the MHRA and other authorities.

The letter was also sent to Cressida Dick the Metropolitan Police chief, Charlie Massey the Chief Executive of the General Medical Council, Kathryn Stone OBE the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards, and Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons.

Philip Hyland Solicitors who specialise in employment law, constructed the letter on behalf of Dr Sam White who was suspended by NHS England on the 26th June 2021 for publicly questioning the authorities Covid-19 protocols.

The reasons given for Dr Sam White’s suspension have allegedly been inconsistent, with the letter revealing her was told one thing verbally and another in writing. The reasons given to Dr Sam White in writing state that he was suspended on the basis of his social media output which blew the lid off everything the complying general public thought they knew about the past sixteen months.

Dr Sam White said in a social media video that gained over a million views that “the vaccine programme has been rolled out in breach of the legal requirements for clinicians to obtain the free and informed consent of those being vaccinated,” and “the requirement to wear face coverings in an NHS setting is in breach of common law obligations not to cause harm and breaches statutory obligations in relation to provision of PPE”.

Dr Sam White

The solicitors asked Sir Simon Stevens to treat the letter as “a public interest disclosure or whistle blow in that it raises allegations of alleged criminal conduct and breach of legal obligations by those leading the covid response” and is extremely condemning of the authorities which have imposed draconian restrictions and unnecessary medical treatments on the British people for the past sixteen months.

Public Hyland Solicitors described the inconsistencies of Dr Sam White’s suspension as follows –

“My client raised concerns during his NHS five year revalidation appraisal process with the NHS in November 2020. All of these concerns were raised during the revalidation appraisal process and overlap with what is in my client’s social media content. The NHS took no action on either the substance of the concerns raised in my client’s appraisal nor did the NHS take any action against my client for raising those concerns during his appraisal. My client’s appraisal was signed off by the NHS Responsible Person. The same Responsible Person who later suspended my client. The NHS appear to have acted in the way they did because my client pointed out that there are a number of elephants in the room.”

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