“You’ll get nothing and like it!”And “Take the death fake vaccine or else!” The line has been crossed. Time for these liars to go and prepare to defend ourselves or run

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

“You’ll get nothing and like it! In the past was a mean thing to say to someone.

Now in the satanic reverse world this is actually a marketing slogan and we are supposed to think this is a good thing.

“You’ll own nothing and be happy” aka “You’ll get nothing and like it!

Logically their story does not add up. I am surprised they are getting away with such blatant lies without total resistance from the majority of people.

The only reason the masses are buying any of this shit is due to the relentless brainwashing of the mass media.

It is pretty simple at this point.;

The governments, the mass media and medical institutions have lied about a deadly virus. There is no virus. They re-named flu symptoms ‘COVID-19’.

The flu symptoms take out thousands every year but none this year at all? (2020) Covid cured the common cold.

There is and was no pandemic: No excess deaths. Most people labeled having died of Covid 19 died of something else.

And now they are still pushing for everyone to be vaccinated with a toxic “Vaccine” that is obviously killing thousands, with over a million injured.

Pushing and forcing a non vaccine toxic shot that provides no benefit or protection and that will likely kill everyone who has been vaccinated is an obvious act of genocide and is punishable under the Nuremberg Code with penalty of death. And the excuse “I was just following orders” will not save those assisting this genocide from the gallows.

This is in your face genocide and yet the masses do not react in total revolt. Any other product that killed as many people as the covid vaccines would be removed right away. Yet they are still pushing the deadly vaccine. Now door to door. This is an act of war against the populations of the world.

It is humanity against the 1% and they have called us on, told us they are going to come to our home to jab us with a deadly poison. The line in the sand was crossed years ago. At this point it is in the final hours of global Genocide and we must be prepared.

The next phase is there will be excess deaths in 2021 due to the vaccine that will kill millions. And they will be blaming the non-vaccinated for killing the vaccinated because of our un-vaccinated status. They will claim the excess deaths have nothing to do with their deadly toxic injection or the 5G killing frequency.

Collectively the masses need to rid ourselves of government and mass media. They are all complicit in genocide. It is time to unite.

Is it too late to wake the stubborn sheep?. The lions are fully awake and growing in number daily. Many are ready to run, many are ready to defend ourselves, and based upon polls many are ready to stand United to remove this corrupt government.

Prepare for the worst, work towards the best in unity.

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