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Is The Sheriff Our Last Line of Defense?

The last institution of governmental protection of our citizenry: The SHERIFF. A constitutional county sheriff

These corrupt and heinous individuals disenfranchise while accusing their opposition of disenfranchising. They accuse others of violence while perpetuating violence. They allow violence and disorder when it suits their purpose. They create racism where there is none. They create chaos out of order. They have taken over our great cities. They create massive poverty, blight and virtual killing fields and then offer solutions that advantage only themselves. And when they have finished using the people they have made powerless, they switch to importing new meat for their table, new hungry mouths they beckon to the feed trough.

In these United States, in our post 2020 election world, it has gotten to the point where citizens are no longer being protected from tyranny by our federal and many state and local governments, aided by complicit corporations. In fact, this tyranny, this oppression, is being perpetrated by the very governments and their institutions sworn to protect the very people they are oppressing.

We are not dealing with a national leftist effort. This is a global operation devised for the purpose of destroying this nation. We stand in their way.

The one president that was putting a halt to this traitorous, criminal cabal was defrauded out of office by the most hateful, the most corrupt, the most venomous group of people to ever hold responsible positions in government and industry.

When government falters, who now speaks up for the people? Who can we turn to to hold the line, the last institution of governmental protection of our citizenry? The SHERIFF. A constitutional county sheriff.

The law enforcement powers held by the sheriff supersede those of any agent, officer, elected official or employee from any level of government

A constitutional sheriff is one who takes seriously the upholding of the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States. They are charged with defending life, liberty and, as globalist objectives come more into focus, property. The law enforcement powers held by the sheriff supersede those of any agent, officer, elected official or employee from any level of government when in the jurisdiction of the county. That includes the President. It is due to the vertical separation of powers in the Constitution. Look at it as a sort of pyramid with narrower or more limited responsibilities as you go up the pyramid.

As to government by executive order (EO), there is no constitutional provision or statute that permits executive orders in the Constitution. It traditionally was used as directives as to the management of operations within the federal government. The first executive order was issued on June 8,1789 by George Washington to heads of federal departments. It reads:

”…impress me with a full, precise, and distinct general idea of the affairs of the United States in their fields.”

An EO is not for making or interpreting law. The executive branch is tasked with enforcing existing law, not creating new law. All executive orders must be supported by the Constitution. Attempts to block executive orders have happened and been successful, especially when such orders could be better handled by legislation. President Harry Truman’s Executive Order 10340 placed all the country’s steel mills under federal control. It was found to be unconstitutional because it attempted to make law rather than enforce the law.

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