French Cops March WITH the People in Massive Anti-Pass Demonstrations VIDEO

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ER Editor: Well, we had long hoped for this when the Gilets Jaunes were out marching each and every Saturday, often getting brutally beaten up by French police. But better late than never. Immediately below is a short article from one of the French police unions, which gives an indication of their view towards the health pass. And below that is a very short video in which we see police LEADING a crowd of demonstrators peaceably, with their helmets off. Notice the line of police alongside the crowd on the left.


Macron and his crew must be having a heart attack, as this short video clip (in French) by independent journalist Richard Boutry attests. When the Gilets Jaunes were out each Saturday, cops were brutalizing protestors in many cities in full view of the cameras (see 8 images below, showing even healthcare workers getting sprayed, hit and manhandled. Video footage of this has since been removed from Youtube). It was known that Macron’s interior minister was more or less inviting this, giving cops free reign. Quite a few demonstrators lost eyes, limbs and even their lives as police deployed the latest rubber bullet weapons aimed at head height. France’s corrupt judges helped Macron by pushing the GJs through the court system at lightning speed (they admitted to helping Macron out in this way). Ordinary French, who were probably demonstrating for the first time in their increasingly precarious lives, were suddenly finding themselves up in court on public nuisance charges. The court system usually moves exceedingly slowly here…

How did Macron keep police on side historically? By promising not to fool around with their pensionswhen the pension ‘reforms’ (read: massive cuts and reformation into a unitary points system) would begin. They haven’t yet taken place, and this could be something nasty that Macron still has to pull on the French before he gets booted out next year. Macron has tried to keep the police sweet this time by NOT requiring them to be vaccinated. Yes, for real. But it hasn’t worked. (The smart money says this vax requirement had to be waived because not enough of them would take it. They understand, too, that the ‘vaccines’ are causing deaths and health problems.)

What’s also striking about these protests is that we’re now in the middle of the French summer, when six weeks starting in the middle of July to the end of August are devoted to vacation. Protests are not expected to be so well attended at this time of the year, but they’ve had massive turnouts in many cities. They’re also spontaneous, such being the strength of feeling against this tyrannical government. There are no unions or other organizing groups behind them, not yet anyway.

There’s still evidence of police being a bit rough on the protestors, such as in this tweet by Election Wizard where protestors are being gassed – by relatively gentle cops with their hemlets off. Footage can be seen of police using water cannons to keep the iconic Champs Elysees boulevard clear of protestors. But it’s still a far cry from what we used to see regularly inflicted on the Gilets Jaunes.

Something has changed, a line has been irrevocably crossed. Cops have families, too.


ER: notice the telling use of the German word ‘ausweis’ in this title —

Macronist Health Ausweis (ID card): our police union invites our colleagues not to be overzealous in the monitoring of the famous health passes


(Translation: Police France Union – Angry Police Officers)

While the right-thinking public is up in arms about the so-called “racial profiling” of the good old drug dealers in the suburbs, there is little or no mention of the establishment of a society in which restriction becomes the rule and freedom the exception.

Because the health pass creates an apartheid between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated, an apartheid based not on skin color as in South Africa but on the medical orientation of people, on the use of their free will in matters of health choices.

For the Macronie (ER: French expression), there are on one side the good guys who are vaccinated and save lives, and on the other side, the bad guys who are not vaccinated and kill people.

The Covid high-risk populations have all been vaccinated, or at least had the opportunity to receive both injections. So we should be able to go back to normal life.

But no! The government’s obsession is now to vaccinate 100% of the French population in order to sell off doses of vaccine bought at a cost of billions.

And as forcing millions of people to be vaccinated poses some ethical, technical and logistical problems, we make life impossible for the non-vaccinated to force them to be injected with the elixir of happiness.

As a bonus, despite the millions of vaccinated people, a mask is gradually put back on our faces. The people are so much cuter when they keep their mouths shut and let the knowledgeable express themselves.

And of course, the police and the gendarmerie are entrusted with the noble mission of monitoring our fellow citizens while the drug dealers sell their shit in open-air supermarkets, benefiting from all the inertia of Dupond-Moretti (ER: Far-left minister of justice who is generous with delinquents), who is more preoccupied with his personal legal problems than with the efficiency of his ministry.

Let’s be clear. Our police union is in favor of the vaccine. And the majority of our members have been vaccinated. But that doesn’t mean we believe that those who refuse the vaccine should be segregated within their own nation.

Point number four of the Hospital Patient Charter states that a medical procedure can only be performed with the free and informed consent of the patient. Our political and scientific elites would do well to reread this text before further restricting the freedoms of our compatriots.




Translation: The gendarmes are at the head of those protesting the tyrannical measures taken by Macron and his government of yahoos!!!


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