Satanist Insider Confirms:

Satanist Insider Confirms:
Henry Makow

“…are the mRNA vaccines as dangerous as some MDS say, or is that just designed to sow fear?”

When influenza season hits there won’t be enough morgues or coffins. Those left will be easy pickings. Starvation, lack of medication or a bullet are all cheaper than a vaccine. We’re playing for keeps! So, where’s old Numb-Nuts when you need him?

The deaths will also come from the dismal science of economics, played out on the streets. How’s your pension, superannuation or managed retirement fund looking? Then there’s national debt – everywhere. Baby boomers are the problem. Too many, too old, too sick and too expensive. If you destroy economies, these baby boomers and heaps of other sickos die. Ready for the Great Reset?

As I’ve stated before, what’s coming is a stratified, high-tech feudalism with us and our servants on top. Inescapably technologically advanced, totalitarian societies can last almost forever. All paid for and operated by the prisoners. First, we must rid ourselves of vast numbers of Homo normalis: with special emphasis on the old and sick. The culling mentioned in Petor Narsagonan’s work (published eleven years ago) and in my missives is now happening. Second, we will have left various physically healthy classes, all reliant upon us and our systems – for their food, health care, information, and freedoms. The future bodes well in the safety and security that only comes from unquestioning obedience within an inescapable prison-grid.

You have destroyed the socio-economic future for your own generations by leaving your debts to them. Our consolation is that we will continue to have the very best, while your descendants will have the rest! They’ll have no choice. If your descendants survive and exist in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, they’ll speak Mandarin.

Our dark Goddesses and Gods are being made ruthlessly manifest, as are We – their Magicians! They need low vibrational energies. We are manifesting these almost physical energies for Them, with a lot more to come. Lambs to the slaughter! “The blood of the living makes good fertilizer for the seeds of the new. He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest…All that is great is built upon sorrow.”

I remain strengthen knowing that the cowering masses have it in them to continue to meekly surrender; no matter the hardships, loss, debasement, pain or deaths; for there’s a great deal more both to learn and forget. What god can create, We can destroy! This is Our strength and the joy of the world!

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