Rampant And Blatant COVID Fear Mongering On Social Media

Rampant And Blatant COVID Fear Mongering On Social Media
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If the words of that “doctor” who “just left the ER” and has a message about getting “crushed” by the new COVID Delta variant looks familiar, it’s because you probably have seen it before.

It’s an apparent astroturfed message campaign to scare people into getting a COVID vaccine.

It’s unclear who is behind the effort, but what is clear is they have many people and perhaps even bots willing and able to cut and paste the message to issue the fearful message because we’re “getting crushed” by the COVID Delta variant, don’t you know?

Our colleagues at Twitchy report that a similar effort started on Facebook.

Where are the Cheeto-eaters in charge of fact-checking over there? They’re so much better than we are, aren’t they? They’ll let you know as soon as they can find daylight from under Dr. Fauci’s white coat.

Many people, even people who aren’t doctors or nurses but who appear to be pushing COVID fear-porn for political advantage on social media, are sending the message that they “just left the ER” and – oh my God everyone’s dying and they wish they’d gotten vaccinated – and, and …

And they just got busted.

The great COVID fear porn narrative was outed on Twitter beginning on Sunday night with a tweet showing that many people were using the exact same message.

I just left the ER.

We are officially back to getting crushed by COVID-19.

Delta Variant is running rampant and it’s MUCH more transmissible than the original virus.

99% of our ICU admits did NOT receive a vaccine.

Virtually ALL of them wish they had.

I just did a Twitter search on “I just left the ER. We are officially getting crushed,” and found six accounts tweeting the same message. pic.twitter.com/9BnJXjl9u6

— Danny Hellman (@dannyhellman) July 26, 2021

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