The Jib-Jab: A Perfect Weapon for Mass Murder

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When murder is the intention and the murderer wants to hide his method and his culpability, what is the most effective way to kill his target(s)?


When there is no post mortem examination, or there is an autopsy that is incapable of determing the chemical elements that have lead to the death, then the method remains undiscovered and the murderer remains undetected.

Just as if a man were to be stabbed through the heart with an icicle or shot by a weapon that uses frozen darts, loaded with poison.

This is not the stuff of fiction. The CIA admitted it had devised one such method:The CIA and its infamous ‘heart attack’ gun that fired frozen poisoned darts.

The clandestine service had its people researching all sorts of various ways to kill its targets. The CIA soon latched on to poisons, ones that were undetectable and appeared to mimic a heart attack. They found it in a specially-designed poison, engineered for the CIA. Only a skilled pathologist who knew what to look for would ever discover the victim’s heart attack wasn’t from natural causes. To deliver the poison, the injection was frozen and packed into a dart.


Darts from the new secret assassination gun would penetrate clothing but leave only a small red dot on the skin’s surface. Once inside the body, the dart disintegrated and the frozen poison inside would begin to melt, entering the bloodstream and causing the cardiac episode. Shortly after, the deadly agent denatured quickly and became virtually undetectable. They even brought the gun to show Congress.


The Church Commission and its findings caused a massive frenzy in the United States. People became hungry for more and began to get hysterical in the wake of any news about the CIA. In the aftermath of the Church Commission, President Ford (and later, Reagan) had to issue executive orders banning the tactics of targeted assassinations by the CIA and other intelligence agencies. source

One only has to look at the means by which Dr Harold Shipman, a well-known British mass-murderer, killed his patients:Dr Harold Shipman who murdered his victims by injecting them with poison

British serial killer Harold Shipman attended Leeds School of Medicine and began working as a physician in 1970. Between then and his arrest in 1998, he killed at least 215 and possibly as many as 260 of his patients, injecting them with lethal doses of painkillers.  Source

Murder by injection is a tried and tested methodology whereby the cause of death is hidden. It is also perhaps the most incisive method and the one capable of causing the greatest number of deaths.

However, getting away with murder is, at least partially, reliant upon the crime being undetected and the guilty keeping silent. Sometimes the guilty are incapable of hiding their culpability. The following video is an example of that for it reveals the truly astonishing confession of Dr Luke Evans and Matthew Hancock as to how they engineered the murder of thousands of people across Britain by way of injecting them with vials of Midazolam and Morphine:

Given the increasing volume of evidence that the poison used in the so-called MRNA vaccinations is Graphene Oxide it stands to reason that the substance would be visible in the bloodstream of the victim, as is made plain by the photographic evidence of Dr Phillipe Van Welbergen,  as discussed in the video below and the blood cells shown in this slide. (Please note, at the time of writing, I am unable to provide a clearer picture as it appears his evidence is being suppressed). Nevertheless, it makes sense –Regular blood cells are on the left; those contaminated by Graphene Oxide are on the right.

For their vine is from the vine of Sodom,
And from the fields of Gomorrah;
Their grapes are grapes of poison,
Their clusters, bitter.
“Their wine is the venom of serpents,
And the deadly poison of cobras.


Deuteronomy 32:32-33

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