The narrative is falling apart all over the WORLD.

The narrative is falling apart all over the WORLD.
Awake Canada / David Cheyne – Admin


However, here is some proof of it falling apart in Canada. There are many signs, you just have to look, at them. It is only the MSM that is maintaining the illusion of control. There is no control. They have lost it. Rise up people, and this will end very soon. Then we can move to the next phase which is public arrests. Independent Journalists will be able to film these, as we get bigger and bigger, we will be notified of these things and be able to capture them in video, when the news isn’t.

The news has completely stopped reporting the truth to you at the cost of 675 Million dollars per year of our tax paying dollars funded to them courtesy of Justin Trudeau and this corrupt Liberal government that he has somehow made all the non corrupt members tow the party line.

Here is a link to the corrupt video that Patty has incriminated herself with.


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