Laughter in the Face Of Tyranny

Dylan Eleven | | August 5, 2021

Laughter in the face of tyranny, not because the threat of police beating civilians is not real, that’s not the joke. Laughter in the face of tyranny because their cause, orders, moral stance, stupidity, lack of back bone, their obvious lies that stand up to no logic or real science is laughable.

As the person in this video points out while making fun of riot police; “the police are wearing masks for our protection while they beat us with batons.”

It is time for the police to stand with the people because we know the truth and you look fucking stupid over there protecting liars and genocidal politicians.

If you were actually doing your job you would be arresting these criminals who have killed and will kill millions more. Yet you stand their protecting them and the lie of Covid.

It is time for the police to join with the people because you are people too, you are helping murder your neighbours for a satanic genocidal government. Wake the fuck up.