German newspaper Bild apologises to the children

German newspaper Bild apologises to the children
Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss

From forlifeonearth and suggested by member Rebecca: Millions of children in this country, for whom we are all responsible together as a society, I would like to say what our Federal Government and our Chancellor have not yet dared to say: We ask you to forgive us. We ask your forgiveness for one and a half years of a policy that has made you victims.
Victims of violence, neglect, isolation, emotional loneliness. For a policy and a media coverage that to this day instils in you like poison the feeling that you are a mortal danger to our society.
You are not, don’t let anyone tell you that. We have to protect you, not you us.

​This shames us as a society

Picture I want to make it as clear as possible: what has been done to you children by a government that we as parents elected also and above all for you, which we obviously did not criticise harshly enough for closing schools and blocking football fields, shames us as a society.

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