Vaccine Genocide | A Message From Finland | “Everyone dies from these vaccines, whoever has received the vaccine with 100% confidence. “

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This video contains a condensed version of the visit of researcher, analyst, Kalevi Korento on August 16, 2021 in the Mikko Kemppe Podcast program. Kalevi Korento has done a total of more than 10,000 scientific analyzes and research Holistically and literally from side to side.

In this video, Kalevi talks about how he has examined the residues of vaccines now found in coronary vaccine bottles with a microscope and found e.g. Ebola, Adenovirus and Rotavirus. Some of the empty vaccine bottles have been revealed to be saline. THL (Finland’s disease center), of course, denied this when Korento contacted them by telephone.

Kalevi Korento did not spare his words, but told quite directly the truth about how vaccines make a deliberate Genocide by the leadership of our state. Here are quotes from what he said:

“These are all deadly substances, but not all die right now. 1. the spike kills within 3-5 years or within 10 years at the latest of cancer. 2. the spike kills within 1-2 years or at the latest after 5 years. Everyone dies from these vaccines, whoever has received the vaccine with 100% confidence. “

“If a vaccinee gets close to a pregnant woman, the spike protein goes into the pregnant fetus and that fetus dies almost 100% sure. The first 4 months after vaccination, the person spreads the spike protein. The spike protein causes sterilization. Sterile for the rest of their lives. “

“This false propaganda is being spread to get everyone to take these vaccines. Because the original plan is to eradicate at least 85% of the world’s population, or only 15% would survive. This is to kill people in the cold. This is Genocide. Genocide has been in Finland since the president the state leadership, the judiciary, the police leadership and all these. These are spreading this Genocide. They are just pure murderers. “

Finally, Kemppe asked Kalev if there is anything that can be done about this spike protein now?

“Toluidine breaks down spike protein. It is obtained from Spruce and Pine needles. 🌲 And this is to prevent the unvaccinated from getting this spike protein from those vaccinated by contact or air. Toluidine therefore destroys spike protein. This can be made into tea and has already been tested in practice. It works, the symptoms go away. The masseurs have got symptoms from their vaccinated clients, but once they drink this tea, they have no more symptoms from the vaccinated spike protein. “


Instructions for making conifer needles. The needles are first collected and then washed. Put 5 dl of apple cider vinegar in 5 liters of water and wash these conifers in this solution and finally rinse the vinegar out of the needles with clean water. The excess can then be frozen. Always take the same ratio: 1 Pine needle and one Spruce needle and cut into 5 mm pieces. 1 teaspoon of these pieces is placed in a normal (1.5 dl) coffee cup. Then pour boiling water over and allow to simmer for at least 2 minutes. Strain the conifer needles off and drink the tea. You can add honey or sugar as a spice, etc. Adults can drink 2 cups at a time and three times a day.

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