Is Kyle Rittenhouse A Hero?

Is Kyle Rittenhouse A Hero?
Henry Makow

kyle.jpegOr Just A Pawn In A Bigger Game?

Given the tepid response of American patriots
to the Communist coup last November,
Kyle Rittenhouse´s murder of two Antifa thugs

who were attacking him is a refreshing instance
of resistance.

But, was this also a psy op?


by Gary Jordan

(Commissioned & Abridged by

On Aug. 25, 2020, as Kenosha, Wisconsin was plunged into chaos, Kyle Rittenhouse – a 17-year-old from Illinois – made headlines after he discharged a Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle, killing two people and injuring one, in what many believe was an act of self-defence.

Rittenhouse took the 30 minute trip from his home in Antioch, Illinois to Kenosha to answer the call of Kevin Mathewson. Mathewson had formed a militia, known as The Kenosha Guard. Mathewson intended to assist the police and protect the local businesses.

Looting and rioting had engulfed the city as a result of the shooting of 29-year-old African American, Jacob Blake, by a local police officer two days prior.

kyle-ground.jpegAmidst the bedlam, and as the city burned, Rittenhouse was pursued by a group of rioters, which included 36-year-old, Joseph Rosenbaum, through a parking lot. As Rosenbaum was giving chase, gunshots could be heard which prompted Rittenhouse to turn around and shoot the man four times, fatally perforating his liver and lung. This would elicit more rioters to give chase to Rittenhouse. One of them, 26-year-old, Anthony Huber, eventually caught up with him, struck him with a skateboard and attempted to wrestle Rittenhouse’s rifle from his hands. In the struggle, Rittenhouse fired another shot; this one hitting Huber in the heart and killing him instantly.

With his trial due in November, the shooting continues to divide Left and the Right in the United States. Facebook executives consider him to be the perpetrator of ‘mass murder’. The Guardian has denounced Kenosha Guard as ‘white armed extremists’

But among Republicans, he is viewed as a patriot – a young man who was exercising his Second Amendment right, defending himself against communist traitors, while protecting the city’s population from vandals and arsonists.

But where does the truth lie? Is Kyle Rittenhouse a hero?

Or a dangerous extremist?

Or is he merely a patsy in the great theatre of international politics and a possible victim of State entrapment and exploitation?

Is Rittenhouse a pawn who has been thrust into the limelight by those who pull the strings of the American public, pushing them further apart and nudging them closer to civil war?

In the days before the shooting, ‘independent’ media just so happened to pick up the story of the Kenosha Guard and their videos were shared widely online.

It just so happens that despite receiving 400 complaints of incitement to violence from users regarding the content of the Kenosha Guard Group page, that Facebook (in a time of rampant censorship) refused to shut it down or remove the offending posts.

It just so happens that Kyle Rittenhouse has a history of involvement in local policing youth programs in Illinois.

It just so happens that he allies himself with Proud Boys – an organization that is headed by an FBI informant.

It just so happens that a 17-year-old, hailing from a state that does not allow people under the age of 18 to own firearms, was carrying a rifle he claimed to have purchased just after receiving a COVID stimulus cheque.

It just so happens that Rittenhouse wanted to return to his job at a car dealership in Kenosha, where he may never have encountered Rosenbaum or Huber, but was prevented by police from doing so.

It just so happens that after shooting three men, holding his hands up and walking towards the police to give himself up, Rittenhouse was ignored by officers and permitted to leave the scene of the crime.

It just so happens that officers ignored spectators who alerted them to what Rittenhouse had done.

It just so happens that Kenosha’s sheriff stands accused in a lawsuit of ‘allowing’ the Kenosha Guard and Rittenhouse to act outside the law.

It just so happens that the video footage of the shootings went viral all across the US.

It just so happens that promoter of the modern-day Bolshevik Operation Trust, QAnon hoax, Lin Wood, would involve himself in the case, offering legal services to Rittenhouse’s family.

It just so happens that the same man would then be accused of leaving Rittenhouse in jail while money and publicity was being generated.

It just so happens US$2 million had already been raised for Rittenhouse when his legal team, a month later, requested further funding from the public for his bail.

It just so happens that the legal firm used by Rittenhouse is tied to US Deep State operatives like Rudy Giuliani – former New York Mayor, 9/11 conspirator and pathological liar.

It just so happens Rittenhouse’s court case will be seen by millions of Americans in November, as Court TV airs it live on their network, no doubt, fomenting further division and generating even more money.

It just so happens?

Or is it all just so engineered?

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