Pedophile Satanist Justin Castro Trudeau Openly Declares War Upon The Canadian People | Illegally Threatening – Take the death jab or there will be consequences | This is in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms and The Nuremberg Code

Dylan Eleven | | August 19 2021

There are many reasons not to get the vaccine. Medically everyone has a right to say no because it can kill you. Is that enough of a medical reason Trudeau, you communist dictator?

Religious and moral objections are also legally valid as they are protected under the Canadian Constitution the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as is medical choice of the individual.

The Nuremberg Code states clearly we can refuse any medical treatment without reprisal or consequences.

Trudeau has just in his own words broken the law and is threatening people with consequences if they do not comply to an illegal medical demand. This is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code as a person can decline any medical treatment without consequences.

Satanist pedophile genocidal traitor Trudeau / Castro is threatening the Canadian people and is going against the Canadian constitution and Nuremberg Code.

This blatant statement is a declaration of war against the people.

There will be consequences for standing up for your rights? This is a threat to millions of people. RISE UP CANADA.

Police uphold you oath and do your jobs and arrest Trudeau. He is breaking the law and threatening people, going against the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. Police took an oath to uphold the charter. The charter is owned by the country not the politicians and Trudeau has no right to go around it. Time to arrest him! He is openly defying the constitution and going against the Nuremberg code.

Police oath requires you to uphold the constitution of Canada.

Army your oath is pathetic. Allegiance to the queen only. Get a grip and stand up for your fellow Canadians.

War is upon us and has been for some time. Trudeau in his own words has just called on all of Canada. Take his death shot or else.

Know your rights. Trudeau has no authority to enforce consequences.

The article in the link below explains the Canadian charter and Nuremberg code in more detail.

Mass non compliance, civil disobedience and removal of the satanists must be done now by every Canadian.

Note: the video clip was from Maxine Bernier, we in no way endorse this politician. personally I trust none of them.

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