Demonic possession DIVOC = COVID | 1=A 9=I Artificial Intelligence

Dylan Eleven | | August 22 2021

Divoc Meaning In Hebrew – The meaning of the name DIVOC… Possession of a malevolent soul and is of Hebrew start. Divoc suggests in Latin… discrete, partition/upset. Segment. Tear away/open/isolated, obliterate/in two.

1. represents the letter A ( First letter in the alphabet)

9. represents the letter I (Ninth letter in the alphabet)

1=A 9=I = AI or Artificial Intelligence

COVID Backwards is DIVOC = Demonic Possession

Symbolism will aid in their downfall.

Some may say this is nonsense or a coincidence. This may be, but the reality of the matter is all signs point to a genocidal destruction of the worlds population by a vaccine that has been said to remove our connection to god, a stated goal for the past 80 years of the vaccine industry.

The effects of the covid vaccine are death and destruction of the human or the turning of the human into a generically modified hybrid possessed by artificial intelligence, graphene oxide and Hydra gel that literally transforms the human DNA and can connect to a wireless network, able to send and receive information as instructions. Yes instructions. They can literally tell your cells to do something good or bad to you and your health and they can manipulate your thoughts with this same technology.

Sounds like A I Possessed humans to me. Possessed as in being told what to do by an external entity. In this case A.I.

Therefore: COVID-19 = DIVOC A.I Demonic Human Possession By Artificial Intelligence

COVID-19 is not a virus, it is a global psychological operation to get people to willingly be mutated into something that is not in control of their own bodies or be killed by a toxic shot.

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