Letter from Australia. A whole country becomes a prison.

Letter from Australia. A whole country becomes a prison.
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Hi Jean Marie

I have been thinking about you, as well! I thought I would email you soon so I am glad you got in touch.

Yes that is right, I do live in NSW. I am 70km (50 miles) west of Sydney in the lower Blue Mountains in a small village called Winmalee. See screenshot attached. If you go to Google maps and in the search bar type Winmalee NSW you can find it and some pictures. You can do satellite view and get a feel of the terrain. It is a beautiful area, not that I can see much of it at the moment.

Here in Australia things have become very difficult. In the greater Sydney area, which includes the Blue Mtns, we are locked down harder than ever. We are told we cannot travel further than a 5km radius of our homes. That’s about 3 miles. The distance to the main town of the area, Springwood, is 5.5 km. So technically I have to shop at the Winmalee shops. This little mall has one large Coles supermarket (two main supermarkets here, Coles and Woolworths, like Sainsbury’s size) a post office, a dollar store called The Reject Shop which is very good and sells a few grocery items so it is “allowed” to stay open, a butchers, a really nice fruit & veg shop with deli items, a chemist, and a few other small shops, rugs, newsagent, jewellers, takeaways, a massage place, hairdresser. All these “non essential” shops are closed and shuttered. That’s about it. Winmalee is a very small town with just over 3000 residences. I know because I letterboxed them all for an election in 2016, took me six weeks!
We even have our own Wikipedia page!


So not only can we not travel more than 5km from home, we are only “allowed” out once a day for an hour to exercise and since last week it has to be exercise not recreation, but you are “allowed” out to supervise children under the age of 12 to play, so be sure to take their birth certificates with you lol. You must carry your ID with you at all times with your address on. Road checks are everywhere Papers Please. You “can” go to the shops once a day but only one member of your household. You “can” go out for a medical reason once a day or to provide care for say, an aged relative. In the shops you are instructed to take a list, get in, get your items, get out, no browsing, no talking to friends or neighbours if you happen to spot them. Masks must now be worn outside as well as inside unless you are exercising. I got a mask exemption for asthma. Before it was enough to self-identify as being exempt but too many people were claiming exemption so now you must obtain a GP certificate. Police are everywhere. Because there is some distance between mountain towns I “cannot” leave my village. To leave the country I would need to apply for permission on compassionate or business grounds. Compassionate takes weeks to approve and is very sick relative or family death to attend a funeral. However there are still several thousand Australians stranded overseas who cannot get flights back and when they eventually do they must be masked all the way and in the airport. Then they have to go into hotel quarantine for 14 days. The only way I can get out is if I leave permanently and believe me I am considering it.

We did have a “bubble” with New Zealand for holidays up until recently. So I could have travelled to NZ then got a flight on to UK from there then back to NZ, quarantine for 2 weeks tested every 3 days then back to Sydney more testing then home. I worked out including cat boarding for a week with my sister’s it could take 6-8 weeks and cost $10,000+ And if tested on arrival in Sydney and found positive, “caught it” on the flight, but you shouldn’t because well, masks work don’t they? – then it would have been isolate at home for however long I don’t bloody know it keeps changing.

Then Communist Jacinda Arden in NZ closed her border with NSW because of all our “cases”. Then last week she closed her borders and put everyone in NZ in lockdown because of one case in Auckland. One week lockdown in Auckland 3 days the rest of the country. Predictably, that has been extended.

The Greater Sydney area was locked down on June 26. For two weeks. Extended Till the end of July. Then extended to the end of August. Two days ago extended to end of September and they’ve already said Oct/Nov will be the hardest months so it’s obviously Christmas. And I expect Christmas still restricted gathering size etc. Originally we could gather in groups of ten now it is two. You have to register your intimate partner or one single buddy friend you’re “allowed” to meet if you both live alone. As luck would have it when lockdown was announced I had just travelled an hour away over to IKea for a click and collect and to an electronics shop for a new tablet as my iPad and old phone were on their last legs. My friend texted me while I was out to say lockdown was to start at 6pm. First was a 10km radius introduced shortly after lockdown but that has shrunk to 5km in the last week or so. So I came home and basically haven’t been anywhere since. The tyranny and the bullying at the press conferences, which I don’t watch or listen to, continues daily ramped up and up and up. Police now appear at the press conferences, it appears they are now writing the rules. Fines have skyrocketed. If you transgress the 5km rule I think it is $5000. Yes you read that right five thousand dollars. You are supposed to QR code (I ditched my “smart”phone (foolphone) a year it two ago and rummaged thru a drawer and found my old Nokia. So I can’t QR code at every shop or post office so I am supposed to sign in on a list which I never do and the list is on full display with names and telephone numbers in breach of the privacy Act. You are fined if you lie in the track and trap. So anyone who has a stalker or violent ex husband or partner and you’ve moved or changed phone number all they have to do is go to the shop and photograph the list. Anyone ever challenges me or refuses me entry I have printouts from the Common Law website here and will tell them I will hold them personally liable – not their shop or company, them personally AND their shop and can prosecute them and they are liable for a $5000 fine under the Act. So far I have never been challenged in our small community but I am certain I would be if I went to Springwood. But I rarely go down the shops. I am ordering everything online and having it delivered. Have had to go to the post office a couple of times and fruit shop for a couple of items but I avoid it as much as possible. I buy massive amounts and stockpile because I know the shortages will happen soon. People are going to be dying from this injection, as intended, and that will have a massive impact on our infrastructure. The big food companies are mandating vaxx on their employees, quite unlawfully and unconstitutionally but people are so ignorant of the constitution and their rights and brainwashed so if they have a mortgage and kids feel they have no choice and half of them believe the narrative anyway so they line up and get their shots.

Truckies are our lifeblood in Australia and they are already talking about taking back our roads and our country with port and warehouse and road blockades. So there will be shortages. The dictator in Qld closed the border and said truckies entering would need to be vaxxed so they all threatened to dump their loads at the border. So she backtracked on that. Here is a video 30 mins you simply must see which explains a lot for people overseas. I think it will tell you everything you need to know. It features our so called NSW Health Minister as well so you can see what we are up against.


I was going to A Stand in the Park up at Wentworth Falls lake on a Sunday morning, I went twice just before lockdown radius was brought in and met other like minded people but that is too far to travel now about 22 km. I do have a friend called Tina near there that I met in the UK Column chat-box we met for coffee then started going to the lake and we email several times a day. We are each other’s lifeline.

Some days I don’t want to get out of bed but I need to feed my cats and sometimes I come back to bed. I feel so exhausted and drained and I have been doing a bit of activism with emails. When I saw my Dr re mask I asked for a Vax exempt on family history (cardiovascular) but he said he couldn’t. He looked upset and genuinely frustrated and trapped. He said the criteria for exemptions to vax were very stringent anaphylaxis and a couple of other things and if he stepped outside of that he would be hauled In front of the medical board and lose his licence to practice. So he was sorry but he couldn’t. So I handed him a letter self exempting the Vax I took off a legal advocacy website and asked him to put on file. It ran to two or three pages with all the reasons. I had also printed out a load of info with links I had put in an email to myself and offered it to him. He accepted it willingly, I would almost say eagerly. I said I could make it quicker and easier for you to go online click on the links and read all this if you care to give me your personal email, I will not abuse the privilege. And he DID! He was very keen yes please send it, send it. So I tidied it up a bit and added more and sent it. Then the other day after the UK Column symposium I sent him links to all 4 videos.

I am sorry if this is getting too long but you asked how things were with me and this is how things are. I find I get exhausted easily if I sit and write activist emails and letters. I procrastinate but when I settle down and get into it I am fine but afterwards I am spent. I do get out into my garden a bit now the weather is warming up but I have had a sore shoulder so I have to pace it and usually suffer a bit – it comes and goes. I am maintaining my piano practice as best I can but it is hard to focus. When the air quality reports are bad and advise any one with chest conditions to stay inside I don’t go out. I can feel the wheeze before I even get the reports. It is mild but it is irritating.

It is hard not to look at videos and suppressed information on the internet and Tina and I send each other info and discuss what we might do. I had a huge lemon glut this year so I put some boxes out as people do here, free please take one, and every one had a rubber band and a leaflet I had made up (lemonade recipes, you understand 🙄🤭) attached to it. I crept out late at night and drove to roads around but away from me and left them out. I wore an old cape coat with big batwing sleeves and a huge hood. I must have looked like the grim reaper flitting about in the dark. People around here there are a lot of sheep and hypnotised mesmerised brainwashed and they write letters to the local paper about anti vaxxers and how we need a Vax passport and everyone should get the shot. I refuse to use the short sharp J word. It is not them we need to reach it is the fence sitters the ones who aren’t convinced but dont quite know where to find info. We need their numbers onside to beat this. So I hope a few people make lemonade.

The goalposts keep moving we are told 70% Vax lockdowns lifted then it is 80%. If they have twigged that it is the vaxxed in hospital they haven’t admitted it, and the sheep are convinced it is the unvaxxed who are superspreaders. A few weeks back one medical officer in NSW announced there were 143 cases in hospital 141 were vaxxed 2 not. Next day he came out and said sorry that was an error it is 141 not vaxxed 2 are. He must have got a huge bollocking from the bully health minister whose name is – you can’t make this up, Mr Hazzard. Brad Hazzard, known unaffectionally as BioHazzard. There is almost no way out of this mindset and narrative. We know the masks and distancing won’t be lifted even if they get it to 90%. They are desperate to get as many injected as possible before too many die or are adversely affected to a permanent and great degree and their cover is blown. I think we could be reaching that here, earlier there was huge reluctance the “she’ll be right mate” attitude. Now they are testing tens of thousands a day getting a few hundred (false) positives announcing cases and hospitalisations and every time someone in their 80s or 90s dies they must whoop for joy they have a death they can announce albeit they are close to or exceeded life expectancy. And most are double or 1st shot vaxxed! And people are accepting life won’t return to normal they won’t be able to shop or travel unless they get it so they are lining up. It sickens me. None of them know what is in it and that it is not a vaccine in the true definition, , they research more about the grade of oil they put in their car and read packets and tins in the supermarket but they trust blindly on this. People make me so angry they are dragging us over the cliff with them as they rush lemming like to the edge of sanity.

We are NOT under martial law. The military have NOT toppled the government and the government have NOT handed over governance to the military. If I see any more “Military Law in Australia” or “Australia has fallen” headlines I think I shall scream. Here are the facts and please be sure to copy paste and correct people and say you heard it from someone that actually lives in Sydney.

In the west and south west of Sydney it is very multicultural. A lot of Muslims and people from the middle east, India, Bangladesh, Asians and by Asians here we don’t mean the Indian subcontinent we mean Chinese Philippines Indonesia etc. So these areas have strong family values, language barrier and extended families popping in and out of each other’s homes all the time. They ignored the lockdown and carried on as normal. Eventually the NSW gov put what they called. “ring of steel” around those suburbs and sent in hundreds of police. Cop cars were parked nose to tail in the streets. It was a real menacing intimidating move. Then they sent in 300 UNARMED military personnel (if we were under military law they would have been armed) to help police (who are armed here) go door to door. They door knock and check everyone is at home and that nobody from another house is in their home. They do Papers Please. This is outrageous but here we are. It is not unusual for the army to be drafted in to help police after bushfires and floods to help affected people so under the guise of a fake pandemic they have done this. So as of the weekend another draft of troops was arranged to help the police. I can’t remember if it is another 200 making 500 in all or it it is an extra 500. I am so overwhelmed with all the information, which is intended if course, despite being fully awake to what is going in I am still subject to the mental effects of it all. Lifeline is a suicide mental health helpline and they are now getting over 3000 calls a day. The govt don’t announce this at the daily presser they just announce 300 new cases and 3 deaths of people in their 90s. Suicides are reportedly through the roof but I don’t have the numbers. A few months back a young man in his 30s with mental issues threw himself off the bridge over the motorway the one I drive over to get to Springwood 5km away. It was reported as an accident but I met a woman who knew his mother and she told me. There’s a bunch of plastic flowers tied to the railing now.

Finally I don’t know if you are following the Reiner Fuellmich interviews as he builds his case. It has been over a year now he is still collecting evidence. Some people are getting suspicious he is controlled opposition to keep everyone believing something is being done to bring the WHO and the WEF down and expose the lie. When will the cases start? Anyway one man was Dr David Martin a patents specialist. Did you see that one? Here he is again in this hour interview with the Canada Vaccine Choice group. You really need to see this one.

I think for me the exhaustion is from frustration and anger and the stupidity of people to the point I can’t be out there among them at all now. No longer just medical masks like dentists wear which are kind of acceptable if people believe in them but these big black beak like affairs and worse still women wearing colour coordinated with their outfits. They freak me out they look like zombies. And if you saw the protests in Melbourne yesterday the riot gear police firing rubber bullets their faces looked robot like, totally blank facial expressions like they were hypnotised zombies.
Here is Dr Martin with the Canadian group. You can switch off when he leaves, the remaining 20 mins is just their group’s housekeeping stuff.


And this link below is what we are up against. Not much different from London really. Except we cannot concentrate the numbers high enough in one place. 25million population not all anti narrative and scattered around a huge continent the size of the USA. We’d be lucky to get 250,000 in any one city never mind a million. Melbourne is now under a nightly curfew again.


So that is a long but factual update of what is actually happening here and how I am. I have suffered depression before and am fighting it. I have even envisaged that in a few months or years my only way out might be to end it all. But we are under very real threat here as the pilot testing ground for what they have planned if they win and institute their great reset. The ties with the Chinese are very frightening. The Premier of Victoria Dan Andrews is owned by them, he is corrupt to the core and a real dictator. All the state premiers are heading that way. In West Australia the Premier said ; ” If it is over 16 and has a pulse we want it vaccinated” Like his people are cattle or something. A photo surfaced of our NSW chief medical officer Dr Kerry Chant, whom biohazzard silenced at that sham enquiry you saw in the Stew Peters video (Stew’s worth following by the way but caution over his finer details) a photo of her among a whole group of Chinese at some meeting about respiratory diseases some time ago.

The state premiers have the say what happens in each state and the Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he can’t interfere – but we know he is guiding them at regular in-person meetings he calls the national cabinet and there is very little proper debate and law-passing. So just like in the UK. The national cabinet was not properly lawfully instituted it has just been revealed by a lawyer so anything they do “has no validity”. So law and order suspended yet the police have more powers than ever and in NSW are telling our premier Gladys Berejiklian what they want instituted and the fines they want. And presumably how many army personnel they need to help enforce it. I call her Glad the Impaler. No it’s not military law, but it is a police state and just like the Stasi, they are encouraging people to call Crimestoppers and report friends, neighbours and FAMILY MEMBERS ffs if they breach “health directions” which have no legal standing under the Biosecurity Act because none of the directives are issued by a judge through the courts to a named individual. Plus, federal law trump’s state law, (not that they are laws) and above all of that sits the constitution.which theoretically overrides them all and above the constitution sit the people.

So you see the extent to which we have been corrupted. There is more, replacing the Queen etc but that’s enough on that for now.

We don’t need a hostile military law with that lot, do we?

What we do need is a benign military takeover and this lot put through military tribunals and shot. As in Romania 1989.

If I sound despairing Jean-Marie it is because I am. By the time we saw this coming it was too late.

This will be a huge ship to turn around and if Australia cannot do it and the Americans cannot take their country back from a stolen election , the rest of the world is well and truly fucked.

You are welcome to send this to Brian or anyone else you think will get the real facts out. Ian is gone now. In a better place.

Sorry I don’t have better news.

Tania x

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