Coward Trudeau Runs away in shame from crowd telling him the Truth in BC

Dylan Eleven | | August 25 2021

If anyone is calling you out and accusing you of crimes against humanity, against families and children. If you were innocent, you would turn around and face your accusers head on and address their concerns.

Instead these politicians run away in shame. They know they are in the wrong and the police around them do too.

The entire political system is corrupt. I trust none of them.

If Biden was installed by dominion voting systems and not the American people. And if he is getting away with it. Trudeau or whoever they want in next in Canada will get in the same way. The elections are rigged. Everyone should not vote.

If no one votes at all because all of them are corrupt and because the system can be rigged in favour of whoever they want anyway; The results will still come in that 50 million people (more that is actually in Canada) voted for the puppet of the day.

Then we can prove voter fraud because no one voted in the first place.

The election system is a scam and until Biden is stripped of his fake presidency, no one can trust elections in any country.

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