Why They Want to Kill Us

But Why Would They Want to Kill Us?
Paul Stramer / Paul Stramer (noreply@blogger.com)

By Anna Von Reitz

Reason Number One— Insurance Fraud.

Reason Number Two — Get rid of Priority Creditors to avoid paying debts.

Reason Number Three — Prepare for a world in which people live much longer.

Reason Number Four — Fulfill scripture by force and deceit.

Reason Number Five — Collect abandoned property.

Reason Number Six — Tax the survivors for this “service”.

Reason Number Seven — Sadistic pleasure.

Reason Number Eight — Avoid accountability by blaming other factors.

Reason Number Nine — Create a distraction while consolidating coercive power. .

Reason Number Ten — Guilt. They know they are in too deep.

Reason Number Eleven — Revenge for mercenary wars and dirty deeds.

Reason Number Twelve — Greed. Open up new space for “resettlement”.

IMHO, anyone who supports the current agenda is a criminal, either knowingly or unknowingly.

This includes doctors and nurses who go along with it. This includes politicians that go along with it. This includes police and National Guards and soldiers who go along with it. This includes entire governments that go along with it. This includes institutions and corporations that go along with it. It includes unions and churches and public institutions and media conglomerates that support it.

And this is because more than enough knowledge has been collected now for everyone on this planet, except perhaps for people living in some outlying islands and extremely remote locations, to have “cause to know” that this current crisis is all manufactured out of thin air, based on lies and half-truths and fear and coercion, devoid of any sane or logical proof that any identified pathogen exists.

I have been laughing in a nasty way all week about “variants” of an unknown, unidentified pathogen. It’s like talking about breeds of geese before you have identified and described a single goose.

No credit has been given to us for having a single brain cell of our own.

Everyone has cause to know that all the fear-mongering and talk of emergency was designed to infect the population with herd mentality and terror of unseen phantoms, and to program people to accept experimental procedures “voluntarily” by disguising the nature of those procedures as something familiar — vaccines, when in fact there is no vaccine involved.

And through it all, I keep hearing the question, “But why would they want to kill us?”

Read the list. This was off the top of my head. We can probably think of more.

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