Canadians Do Not Vote In The Upcoming “Election” | People’s Party Of Canada Is Not The Solution It Seems To Be | Mass Non Compliance Required

Andy Warrior | Telegram | August 28 2021

I see a lot of people in here talking up the People’s Party of Canada, saying how great it is that they’re against the lockdowns. Or that they’re our only chance to make things better right now, and just giving them a lot of our attention.

Meanwhile Trudeau is going on a cross country tour of protests and booing him in public. I think he knows he can’t walk down the street in public at this point, why would he even try to campaign right now when everyone in the country hates him?

Understand that the evil bastards are just allowing us to burn Trudeau at the stake right now, so we can take out our frustrations. He WILL be replaced by another deep state shill who WILL carry out the next phase of their plans. I don’t believe for a second that the PPC will change anything. Their entire platform “a rational approach to covid response” simply perpetuates the covid lie – it is a complete scam, there is no virus. How can you have a rational approach to perpetuating a lie? The PPC are liars. Liars who sold face masks with their logo on it.

Voting in this current system is an exercise in futility. A complete sideshow to make us believe we are getting somewhere when we are just spinning our wheels. Plus it resets the news cycle again so they have something to shove down our throats on tv 24/7 instead of reporting on the truth. All the while their jab genocide continues.

When the vaxxed start dropping in the fall you will see the next bastard will have us locked down even harder while he says ‘I’m doing my best, we tried to do it our way, it it’s just not working. It’s not my fault. Now more lockdowns for you all.’ And people will accept stricter lockdowns because there will be a real body count due to vaccine injuries.

Maxime Bernier is just a juicy piece of bait, saying exactly what people think they want to hear. Don’t buy it. He is actively promoting the covid lie. The only public figure I would support is one who publicly tells the full truth and offers the people real justice; that covid 19 is a scam and a crime against humanity. That weaponized ‘vaccines’ will be immediately stopped. That the responsible parties including medical death squads, corrupt policy makers, and corporate suppliers of the vaccine will be brought to justice.

MASS NON COMPLIANCE includes not voting in their fake dominion controlled election. None of these parties are here to solve our country’s problems. They are here to control us and steal the lives and resources that are our birthright.

By voting you sign your approval, your consent, to these liars. You sign your name to support their policies. You condone and participate in their lies and this corrupt system.

I believe that not one person in this country should vote within this system. These bastards do not deserve your time, your mental energy, or your ‘vote.’

Mass non compliance in their fake election would send the proper message to the deep state. It would be a REAL step forward.

And as always, don’t forget to be non compliant in other areas related to the covid scam – do not participate in wearing face masks, social distancing, and vaccinations.


Dylan Eleven |

The voting System is rigged and the Peoples Party Of Canada is controlled opposition. If they were actually on the side of the people they would be telling the truth that covid is a lie, instead of saying they will take a different approach.

Plus if they were actually on the side of the people they would be warning people at every press conference and public speaking opportunity that the vaccine is killing people. Maxine Bernier is not warning people about the dangers of the vaccine. Anyone not screaming from the rooftops to try and save people from killing themselves with the vaccine is a traitor, not a politician of the people.

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